I just got a little something something...


When should I wear this?

  1. During the day: Shopping, etc, casual, anything!

  2. On the evenings: Casual chic, out on the town

  3. Formal occasions only! Otherwise it looks out of place!

  4. All the time, whenever. Everywhere. Any chance I get!

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  1. Okay, so I bought the.......

    monogram shawl!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL please excuse the picture, I tried to photoshop out the messy background...lol
    BUT now everytime I try it on it looks really formal. lol I have been looking at Sandra and Cecilia's pics on tpf...but wasn't sure if I'd just walk around wearing it in the day...maybe evenings?
  2. Love it!!!!! Congrats!!!
  3. i wear mine all the time. it's black so it goes with everything
  4. All the time, whenever. Everywhere. Any chance you get.
  5. For sure, any time you get the chance. It's too great to keep for only special occasions. Looks very nice on you.
  6. its gorgeous. I would use it in the evenings.
  7. Anytime. No need for formality to wear this gorgeous shaw extremely understated.
  8. Anywhere!! It looks great...you can dress it up or it looks totally chic with jeans!
  9. I just ordered one the other day, but mine is camel color...congrats and it looks great on you, I'll post my pics when it comes tomorrow!
  10. I looooove that shawl, it is so beautiful. I wear shawls at work because the a/c is jacked up so high I get cold hehe. I would also wear them for evenings, going out to dinner. Congrats on getting such a beautiful shawl!
  11. I wear mine all teh time too don't worry about it works for any situation
  12. Nice, congrats!
  13. You should be able to pull it off anytime, wearing anything.
  14. You can wear it as a shawl on the night but I am going to get a shawl to wear as a scarf for anytime!
  15. OMG breath taking i was thinking of buying one. JUst to have it just in case. ITs gorgoues!!!!!!!!!! COngrats.