I just got a Kooba steal. Please help authenticate!!

  1. I was browsing around century 21 and found a kooba steal. Original price was $525 and I got it marked down to $119. I'm thinking it's too good to be true so I need your help. Can someone tell me if this bag is real?
    DSC00436.JPG DSC00437.JPG DSC00438.JPG DSC00439.JPG
  2. It looks real-is the inside lining suede?
  3. yes, purple suede
  4. Then it's an original-great sale!:yes:
  5. What a smart shopper you are...Congratulations on your new Kooba!
  6. I Love The Deal!!!!
  7. Wow. Sooo lucky! :smile:
  8. It's the real deal! I have this exact bag - congratulations!!
  9. It looks original and I dont believe that Century 21 will sell fakes...you got super deal :smile: I wish I live in NY.
  10. great deal... congrats!
  11. total score! yummy leather
  12. smart shopping i feel like i should go raid the centuries near me in bk just in case haha :smile: congrads on the great bag @ the great price!!
  13. i actually got it at the century 21 in brooklyn.