I just got a great deal on a scarf

  1. I went to goodwill to drop off some of my old clothes and decided to go and look. I looked at some of the silk scarfs when lo and behold, there was a coach scarf that is silver and still has the coach factory tag on it. I bought it for $1.60. :yahoo:I wish I had a digital camera to post pictures. I might be able to borrow my sister's camera to post a picture. Just wanted to share my joy. I also got a Betsey Johnson tote bag with tag still on for $2.60. I think that it came with something because it is not one of her mainline handbags. Just wanted to share.
  3. That's an awesome deal! Did the Coach tag have the style number on it? Maybe we can look up the scarf so you don't have to post pictures. :smile: Congratulations on getting such great buys.
  4. Is this the style number?


    The rest of the tag has been torn off. It does say coach factory so I know it came from an outlet. Hopefully you might be able to find it. It is silver/white.
  5. Awesome! Don't you love deals like that?

    Is this it?
    64bf_1.JPG 6521_1.JPG 646a_1.JPG 4fea_1.JPG
  6. Is it a houndstooth winter scarf?

  7. Yes that is it. It is a houndstooth scarf. It has no signature Cs but rather spells out coach.
  8. No it is houndstooth. That is a very pretty scarf you posted though.
  9. Oh so it's silver HOUNDSTOOTH. Gorgeous! Enjoy it!
  10. It is not exactly a scarf I would have picked up for myself in a coach store (I like colorful scarfs), but I bought it because it was a great deal and because it was BNWT. So I plan to wear it with a black sweater or white sweater. I will find something to wear with it.

    Stophle how did you figure out what scarf I had? Is there a picture of it online somewhere. That was really quick.

    Thanks everyone for the kind words, I appreciate it!
  11. "HSTH" is a coach abbreviation for houndstooth. Stophle used to work at an outlet and she knows her factory store stuff! :yes:
  12. Wow, that was a good deal! Congrats!
  13. Nice buy you lucky duck!
  14. WOW Lucky you! Enjoy!
  15. That is a great deal. I'm guessing goodwill doesn't know much about Coach. That price is crazy.