i just got a gold baby cabas, should i keep it?

  1. as stated above, i just got a gold baby cabas after getting my black baby cabas for 2 months. am thinking if i should keep it (since i was told it's a limited edition) or if i should exchange for a chloe bay bag? what do you think?
  2. I would love to see a pic!!!

    This is the Chanel forum - do you think any of us are going to say "Dump the Chanel for a Chloe?!" LOL
  3. where did u get it from? i'd love to have a blk one

  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. Pictures please!?
  6. Pics! Sounds gorgeous!!!
  7. Omg! Pics! Please!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Keep the Chanel, in MY opinion Chloe is so, umm, last week.
  9. ^LOL!

    That gold Baby Cabas sound gorgeous.

    Incidentally, this is what the Chloe Bay bag looks like, Chanel lovers... It is expected to be a HOT bag for spring. I'm thinking about getting one--my first Chloe. Lots more pics in this thread...

  10. GET that Chloe bag out of the Chanel forum...You traitor!!!!!!!!!

    Personally..Chanel is alot more timeless for the price...
  11. LOL! I love my Chanels, but I like to spread the love around, you know????
  12. lol I say keep the cabas! Of course what do you expect me to say b/c this is posted in the Chanel forum hehe

  13. Jill, love seeing you in the Chanel forum all the time now!!:yahoo:
  14. I love the new Chloe... I was googling at it in the magazine

    BUT, despite the fact that you already have a baby cabas (in black) Chanel's are time-honored and classic. As cute and chic as chloe may be... they all go out of style from being that "IT" bag (need I mention paddingtons and silverados??) -In a couple of years, you'll probably still love your chanels -so i say... KEEP IT :] -good luck deciding, it must be tough!

    and i agree w/ everyone else... pic pleeze!!
  15. Is the gold cabas leather or that crinkly material? If its not leather, I'd go for the Chloe bag. There are some funny posts in here from a member who received a silver cabas bag and it wasn't quite what she was expecting...