I just got a Campana on Bluefly

  1. it is black and in the smaller size. So for those of you looking for a campana, you may want to check Bluefly because maybe more of them will pop up.

    I hope my order doesn't get cancelled.:sad:
  2. CONGRATS on a great find!!!!! :yes: Can't wait to hear that it is safely in ur hands for u to enjoy!
  3. Thanks! I hope others pop up if people are looking for this style. These past few weeks I had been hoping one would come up but did not expect one to as I had never seen one before. I have two medium venetas so I am excited to have one in this style too (assuming my order does not get cancelled).
  4. That's fantastic! I've never seen a Campana available on Bluefly-good job!
  5. Thanks! I will post if I see others. I suspect if there was one, there will be more just as was the case with the ball bags and the venetas.
  6. chigirl, good catch! I never see those great buys. I'm crossing my fingers for you that you get the bag soon. It will be gorgeous! I love mine.
  7. congrats on your great find! I'm with Boxermom, I don't seem to have good bag "radar" for Bluefly etc. but am so glad a tPF'er found such a great bag -- you will love it!! :yahoo:
  8. It arrived today. I LOVE it. As far as I can tell, it is authentic. Only thing is that it is missing the mirror but I have one from my veneta. What a great style. Maybe silly to have this and my medium veneta in black but oh well. I can see myself using both! I definitely prefer this style to the veneta although I like that the veneta zips closed.
  9. ^^Photos!!