I Just Got A Call!!!!!! Bags up for grabs!

  1. I just got a call from my favorite SA at NM in Troy Michigan, Lisa Hamlin. She is seriously the nicest SA out there! Here is what NM has up for grabs if you want them!

    28 cm Vermillion Togo Kelly with PH $6200 (on hold under my name- Jill)

    Kelly Sport in Vert Foret Ostrich
    $9450 MM size (i don't know what that means)

    Not only are they available right now, but they will ship anywhere in the world. Call Lisa at (248) 635-8442. Happy shopping!
  2. You will love Togo vermillion Kelly! I have one in 32 cm, which I absoultely love it! You sould get it!!!!! Lucky you!!
  3. I hope they can find a home with someone here...wish it was something I really wanted!!!

    Thank you Jag for sharing and thinking of us!!! YTB
  4. No problem! I am holding out for something different, but these Kellys sound amazing! I just wanted the ladies here on the PF to have first dibs!
  5. How exciting!!!
  6. JAG, are you going to go down to look at the Kelly?
  7. Very sweet of you Jag! Hope someone scores!! Thank you - I wonder why they will ship a kelly though???
  8. You are so sweet!:heart:
  9. Shoes, it's not a Hermes boutique. It's the Hermes counter at NM. They will ship anything, anywhere. :smile:
  10. Shoes...don't wonder why they will ship...just accept it...thank God someone will!
  11. The Kelly sport bag....I've never seen that one. Does this have the long strap and the elongated shape???
  12. It's a NM- they don't have the same policies as hermes.
  13. I hope someone here scores!!! No takers??
  14. What does the Kelly Sport look like? It sounds interesting! And is just how deep of a shade is Vert Foret?
  15. Vert Foret is a forest green. it's stunning!