I Just got a call..About the Miroir Lockit!?!

  1. Lol!
    Sorry Mods if this is in the wrong place :flowers:
    I just got back from doing some shopping and i walked in the house
    and my Brother shouted "You got a call from Louis Vuitton about something mirror and a lockit or something? You need to call them back..."
    I was just like
    I ran and got the phone
    and i called them and they said The Miroir lockit is here for you to pick up gold & Silver when would you like to come in"
    I was still :wtf:.
    So i'm going in very soon to go see it!!
    I'm so excited they said it's going fast..
    Just thought i would share the news
    I live in the UK btw
    I can't wait to see it!!!!!!!:nuts:
  2. Post pics as soon as you get back! I had no idea that they even came in yet!
  3. I can't go now unfortunatly!
    Arg :sad:
    I will post pics though ASAP when i get it!!
    I didn't know it was going to be out so soon after hearing something about it being pushed back to mid July.
  4. congrats! but i'm surprised, I thought the release date's July1?.... meh... anyhoo, have fun! :biggrin:
  5. Pictures when it arrives please! Cant wait to see it.
    What store is this from, i would love to take a look in person?
  6. Wow, that is early! I just spoke with my SA yesterday and he told me that they would be in next month (July). Anyway I am stunned, but excited, please post pics as soon as possible as it seems your store is ahead of the game by a week or 2!
  7. woho, that's exciting!!
  8. Hmmm, time to call my SA. Where's mine.
  9. OMG I have got to see a pic.
  10. How cool.
  11. Yay! The bag is gorgeous! I cant wait for you to post pictures if you end up buying one!
  12. Wow.... that's fast.

    I'm waiting for someone to call me and say..my Miroir Lockit is here to pick up or something..:p

    Ps. can't wait to see the pics
  13. Yay congrats!
  14. How exciting! Post pics when you can! We would all want to *drool* of course!
  15. Wow, that's early. How fun though!