I just got a AC Miny city tote for $210!

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  1. The colour is grey and it was on sale at Revolve for $269 minus 20% with the Jbrand code! I'm SO excited. This is my very first AC tote and my very first bag in grey!:yahoo:
    I live in Canada and just saw the mini at Holts on friday and i really, REALLY wanted it. I'm tiny enough that i can actually just wear it on my shoulder with just the handles. Plus i was SO sad i missed the AE sale on friday too so i'm super excited. Plus shipping was free which is unheard of to the tiny part of the world i live in.
  2. Wow! You must have gotten the last one b/c it's showing out of stock now...
  3. lucky!! conrats!
  4. :woohoo: Congrats on your great deal!
  5. I'm in canada and I love Revolve's free shipping as well. Enjoy!!
  6. I just got the grey mini a couple of weeks ago. it's very chic. I love how soft the leather is on it. You'll love it.