I just got 2007 BMW 550i! Love the car but want to know other owners experience..

  1. Hi ladies and gentlement..

    Ok. Finally I got my beemer a week a ago! and I am loving it. First I was thinking of getting brand new 2008 528i but husband thought 2007 550i cpo was a better deal when we saw one in the shop. It has the milage of 18,000 and still cover under BMW warranty and also free maintance cost until 5000 miles or 5 years and the warranty extended to 10 years (after 5 years with $50 deductable). I also got the plan to cover ding, wheel and tires, and winshield, interior leather things..which cover for 5 years. Knowing I have all of this, I def. have a piece of mind for a while lol.
    The car is smooth but a little heavy due to the V8 engine but can run very fast. This is my first BMW and my knowledge about car actually is limited. I read the manual, etc and tried reading some of discussion about this series in the internet. Although I feel pretty confident about my car since everything is still under warranty and free maintance but I can't help wonder what after that and what should I expect in the future. Any of you guys driving 550i? How do you like it so far and what kind of problem do you have so far..? :p hopefuly not bad..:tender:
  2. idrive sucks...i feel like strangling it everyday.

    -I dont have the 5 series, i have the 330. Overall its a great car...just the idrive needs a kick in the ass. (btw theyre taking out the idrive for all new models...hurray!)

    btw:Congrats on ur new car!!!!! 550 is SEXY.
  3. CONGRATSSSSSSSSS sweetea!!!!!!! ahhh how exciting!!!!

    sorry, i dont have any advice or info but just wanted to congrats you!!
  4. Thanks azz and mello!!!

    azz you don't like the idrive? So far I have not had any problem with it and I have been able to use the necessary so far. I have been gotten to the navigation system yet. I haven't got the time to mess with it. I like bluetooth for safety reason and convinience. I think we are all need that for driving.
  5. Congrats! It's a beauty! What color did u choose?
  6. Congrats on your new baby! :amuse: I have a 2007 5 series (530xi). Can't help you much, but I have had very little problems with my car and I'm sure it will be the same for you. BMW maintenance isn't going to put you in debt or anything, all of the cars are very 'sturdy'. :p All I have to say is have fun with your car!!
  7. The only problem i have with the idrive is the slowness of it when i start my car. I love the bluetooth for my phone its awesome! But the navigation is a whole completely different story...it doesnt tell u if ure destination is on ur left or right, it doesnt speak the street/freeway names (it just says...make the second right and then left..ok wat?!?), and it takes forever to start up.
    But thats my car...i think i got a retarded one. I've known other plp that hate the idrive system as well...its not very useful when u're in a hurry. And if it breaks down (like mine does) nothing works!!! haha...its okay i still love my car and i still love BMW - just wish they had donuts at thier service place like mercedes.

    -enjoy ur car!!! You'll love it!
  8. I have an X3, but just wanted to say congratulations on the new car. I love mine and think BMWs are just the best. PS-I also hate the idrive (my dad has a 5 series sedan) and though they keep promising it will be gone, I will be happy when I see it out of there.
  9. congratulations!!
    i had the '07 335i and just got the '08 750i a week and half ago. i remember azhangie saying the problem she had with idrive and that suckssss! i never had an issue in the 335 and in the 750 it is the same for the most part but now instead of just up and down and side to side it goes diagonal as well. i'm not sure if yours does that but sometimes it can be kinda hard to put it where it needs to be because there is so many options. also it's like split screen. i'm sure it's an option i can make go away but i haven't taken the time to figure it out. i personally like the idrive in the 335 better. as far as the drive and everything else though... i couldn't be happier. i loved my 335 and was so sad to give it up... but i have yet to miss it! i think any bmw you choose its going to be love at first drive :love::love: and i love the bluetooth too. i never used it in the old car because i didn't know how to do it but this time the sales guy set it up and i'm like yeah right im not going to use it but i love not having to dig through my purse while trying to drive to find my phone.
  10. Thanks for the congrats guys! I do love this baby.:heart:

    Viva, the color is titanium silver metalic. I love this color because it doesn't show dirt so much like darker color lol. :lol:
  11. We had a beamer but sold it b/c the parts were putting us in the poorhouse. LOL
  12. WOW... congrats! You will LOVE this car... my brother has the 530xi -But I "borrow" it quite often ;)

    It drives SOOOO smoothly and we haven't had any problems with it -iDrive included... I was worried that this would act up after hearing azhangie's ordeals w/ it, but nothing yet.

    The car is GREAT, and it's nice going to get it serviced and not paying a dime. -My friends' w/ Mercedes Benz's are always green w/ envy b/c they spend $$$ on maintenance!

    I'm anticipating getting one for my next car when the new 5 series models are released in a few years. -Congrats!
  13. ILoveMyHusband,

    Thanks! I don't mess with my idrive unless I needed to lol. I think it is pretty simple once you set everything up, the rest is just a matter of just the operation which can take time to get use to it. And I think it is nice to have the option to use it when you need it. Oh my idrive goes up and down, side to side. I don't think it goes diagonal. It must be heaven driving brand new '08 750i. :girlsigh:What color did you pick?
  14. LOL az..I know what you mean by the navigation system. The first time I mess with it, I got irritated because I had problem on turning off the voice. The car speaks to you and giving you the direction but using the address which was setup there originally. :p

    Did get your idrive fix? I wonder if that covers under the warranty?

    My sales person is so nice and always try to make me happy..every times I am at the BMW store, I always feel like a vip lol. :shame: I think everybody in there is so nice so far..
  15. I don't have a BMW but they are great cars. I've driven a couple and loved them. Post a pic. I want to see it! :yes: