I just got 2 new botkiers and need some advice on care:

Sep 5, 2008
hi everyone ! :smile:

i bought a small ivory bianca last year and have only worn it ONCE because Im so scared of it getting dirty or ruined (im a bit ocd)

this week i bought another small olive bianca and the mini vixen hobo in taupe pearl

what is the best way to protect the lambskin leather of these handbags from the elements?

i have a light color, dark color, and pearlized color.... does each require a different type of treatment?

id like to be able to start using them without feeling paranoid :shrugs:

thankyou all :smile:


Feb 10, 2007
Sunny South Florida
Botkier specificlly states not to use any conditioners or cleaners that contain alcohol on them, especially the pearl finish. I could never find out if the products I normally use had alcohol in them so I never sprayed anything on my Pearl Cognac Bianca.
See the care card enclosed in your bag or check the website.

Great bags congrats!!