I just found three pairs of my mother's old vintage Chanel earrings from the 80's :)

  1. They are the old costume jewelry that Chanel made in the 80's. All three are clip ons and in very good condition. Some just need some new rubber backings :yahoo:

    What do ya think? I make a lot of jewelry so I can probably even update these a bit and turn them into danglies or change the clip and make it pierced.

  2. Love em ALL!
  3. WOW they are gorgeous!
  4. gorgeous!
  5. Awesome find! And best of all, free for you. :biggrin:
  6. Wow, i love them!!!! I kinda like them as studs...
  7. Thanks :smile: I am really excited about finding them!
  8. how cool!!! I LOVE the first ones!
  9. wow.. you're lucky :yahoo:
  10. Yeah the first ones are my fave actually :smile:
  11. I love the last pair best. I don't think I would take them apart or change them as it would ruin their value if you ever wanted to resell them.
  12. I was thinking about it and yeah you are absolutely right. I'm not changing it :smile: Yeah the last ones are my mom's fave.
  13. wow, your mom has a good taste, lucky.
  14. Gorgeous earrings - absolutely adore the first pair
  15. Omg too rare and gorgeous, you lucky gal! My personal fave is the first pair..