I just found the best shapewear, better than spanx!

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  1. I couldn't find my old thread asking about shapewear. Basically I wanted something that would work, but not show up under clothes. All the spanx I tried were fine for the most part, but they still showed up under my clingy jersey dresses (which is pretty much the only reason why I wanted spanx to begin with! But I couldn't even wear spanx under these since it showed up).

    It's called wacoal shape hope on a hanger. I don't usually post raves about underwear but I am so wowed by this I had to. First, it's a lot thinner and better looking. It still controls well, not quite as much as the slim cognito but better than the hide & sleek. Best of all, it doesn't show up at ALL under clingy jersey dresses. It is also light and comfortable compared to spanx.
  2. There's also one called Lipo in a Box.......you can google it, and look online. I have about 4 of them, and they are fabulous!
  3. i heard these are great too, but they have lines!
  4. Where did you get them? How much are they?
  5. Only underneath the crotch area, with an opening, so you can use the bathroom. You can't see any lines anywhere else..........It's an all in one, including bra.......and you can get various lengths on the legs. I love them.
  6. Nordstrom............for Lipo in a Box???.........I've always ordered them from their on line site. I didn't know any stores carried them.:nuts:
  7. anyone tried the victoria secret new shapewears? seems like they're heavily promoting it. the packaging looks nice, kinda retro-ish feel. i just don't know how it actually performs.

    i'm interested in the wacoal, caterpillar! thank you for recommnding them! like you, i'm not so impressed with spanx and the lines it shows under jerseyclingy material
  8. I bought Marilyn Monroe brand black "shorts" type shapewear before. It went all the way up to suck in the stomach. It worked pretty well, better than spanx imo.
  9. I converted from Spanx to Bodywrap and am totally in love with them. They are comfortable and shaping.
  10. i just wanted to give my review on this. it took almost an inch off my waistline.
  11. interesting! I'm wanting one that also works as a bra, but I can't find any that don't completely smoosh them and make them look funny{?} Like they aren't made for bigger chests?
    I want it to whittle my waist and push up my tatas!
  12. I'll have to check it out, the all in one shaper is probably the way to go.

    I have the worst luck with waist cinchers that ride/roll up my waist, very annoying! Does anyone know the reason why it does this, am I wearing a size too small?

  13. The ones by Squeem aren't made as bras, but the compression suits do lift the breasts nicely because of the curve of the straps
  14. here are some recommendations :biggrin:



    this attaches to your bra


    well it could be a size too small or it is just not made to stay up (like it doesn't have lil plastic/rubber nubs on it to keep it from slipping and no tight elastic to keep it up)

    maybe try a different brand.