I Just Found My Mom on the PF

  1. Unbelievable....I am scrolling around reading posts....and there is my MOM!!!!:biggrin: I didn't even know she was a member....amazing that I am in HK, and she is in Florida, and I see her here on the PF. It is really making the world a smaller place!!! By the way Mom...if you read this....anything bad, vulgar, or otherwise unseemly that I might have said or posted must have been inherited from Dad's side of the family!!!:graucho:
  2. Wow!! Both mother and daughter are definitely certified bag-lovers!!! Congrats on finding each other! It would be a million years before my mom touches a computer, let alone visit a forum like this.
  3. wow, that's awesome!!! LOL at the last sentence. :lol:
  4. hahaha
    how small the world is?!
  5. HOW TOUCHING! the world is so small and mothers and daughters have a special bond! that is wonderful. This place is magical!
  6. Wow!! Thats soo scary! How did you know it was her?
  7. I first knew it was her by what her post said, so I looked at her member name,and there she was!!!!
  8. That is so cool! So, having a bag addiction must be hereditary. :o)
  9. That's absolutely hysterical!! Both of you are so busted:lol: !! So who's your mom?:graucho:
  10. What a coincidence!
  11. Too funny!
  12. I LOVE that! She's raised you well!
  13. Aww.. too cute !
  14. LOL! That's funny :lol: Hi annemerrick's mom! :cool:
  15. :biggrin: That is really cool!