i JUST figured out

  1. that when people put their personal date codes, they are putting "their" datecodes- their country, month, & year . I thought they picked the datecode of their fav. bag and wrote it down. :noggin:
  2. Thanks...I was wondering also.......
  3. oh wow...i didn't know that....i was like, hey where does everyone get them? why don't i have one?
  4. I thought it was their name initials, and the year and month they were born. I dunno, lol
  5. Is that like Hey-what's your digits:graucho:
  6. heheh i had no clue

    no wonder some of the numbers looked off to me
  7. Lol!
  8. you guys are cute..:roflmfao:
  9. hee hee that's funny!!!
  10. haha then mine is (canada) CA1806
  11. ooohhhhh! I'm one month younger than ya! lol I'm CA1816!....wait....actually I was 'made' in China lol.... I'm CN1816 lol Ya, I think it's best to put down where you were born rather than the country you're in NOW lol
  12. hmm.. how do u read LV date codes? like 1816 means? :smile:
  13. November '86
  14. well...I would be canada...so CA 1717 :smile:
  15. hahhaa

    mine is YH0833

    I have put Y as the city i born
    H as the country
    and i'm born in March83