I just figured out MMORPGs like World of Warcraft...

  1. MMORPG stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. World of Warcraft is one example of a very successful one, one that I have a lot of experience with, as I was addicted to it for a good two years, before Megs helped me overcome it. And now I run a Purse Blog full-time. Go figure. Anyway...

    For those of you who don't know the mechanics, let me briefly explain. You basically create a virtual toon in a virtual world whose actions you control. The online world is enormous, there is a lot to discover, a lot of monsters to kill, a lot of new gear to find and so forth. WoW, in particular, has now over 9 million world-wide subscribers, it is quite possibly the most successful computer game ever.

    While the game is brilliant, the big problem with it is that in order to achieve "greatness", you need to spend a lot of time in it. Hours, upon hours, every day. Only if you dedicate your life to the game, you can reach the most success, you can get the best year and develop your online alter ego the most. Resulting, there is countless accounts of marriages ending in divorces, relationships split, friendships destroyed. Over a computer game. Last real account was a lady at Target who Megs and I talked to a few weeks ago. She said that she broke off her engagement a few months ago with her ex-fiance because he got addicted to World Of Warcraft. He would be lying to her in order to spend more time on the game, he would neglect her to a point where she simply left him because it became unbearable. I am a witness to the destructive power of the addicting online gaming madness myself, my relationship with Megs suffered greatly 2 years ago over that game. Fortunately she helped me to get a grip on myself and I broke away from it.

    After talking to a long-time friend of mine tonight, I finally figured out why MMORPGs are so dangerously addicting.

    Fact of the matter is that it's a human genetic predisposition to discover, develop, strive forward. Without this, we'd be still in the stone age. Now, I don't mean to step on anyone's toes here, but I speak out of personal experience when I say that MMORPGs are a form of virtual entertainment that allows people to make up for deficiencies in the real life with virtual success. Instead of trying to break out of the mold of a miserable, shi**y life, a game like WoW enables people to live vicariously through that online toon. That is why people allow themselves to neglect loved ones, work, family, the important real life that would be much harder to fix than getting a new, shiny armor for your orc warrior.

    I was a bloody deadbeat myself at that time, unhappy in my situation, without much of a perspective and that is why I was so devoted to the game and spend like 5h a day on it. It was a legal addiction that distracted me off the s**t I didn't want to deal with in real life. Fortunately I am at a much better place now.

    a happy recovered ex-mmorpg-addict.

    P.S. Do you know any WoW- or MMORPG-related stories like that?
  2. I am speaking from first hand experience, that game DESTROYED him for some time. He was doing his masters program in Germany while I was in the US, we were both miserable, but he chose to spend time on that game for HOURS. It was an addiction, and I really did not get it. But the more I hear/read about it, the more I realize how negatively it affects many peoples lives.

    I know there are WoWers here... any of you able to control it? Any know of people that can not?
  3. That is a great post Vlad, and I'm so happy you were able to overcome it.
    I know a lot of people who are more or less addicted to it, and it is pretty sad to see people wasting away 6+ hours of the day playing, and when not playing, talking to other gamers, which means that they alienate themselves even further from those of us that don't play. It's really sad that people take their online life so much more serious than their real life - games should be an added entertainment to one's life, not a new life.
  4. When my younger brother was about 8 or 10, he played Mortal Kombat well into the early morning hours and rubbed off layers and layers of skin off of both his thumbs til he was bleeding over the controllers. Does that count? :shrugs:
  5. I used to play a similar game way before WOW. It was an online game where you create characters, join a Guild, etc etc. They actually closed down the game because it was on AOL through GameStorm which doesn't exist anymore. There are even people trying to bring the game back. It was very addicting. Now I like grownup things. LOL
  6. This is why DH and I are in the Army - we get to role play for REAL!! WOO HOO!!!!!!

    Well really though, some people just have addictive personalities and certain things can just trigger them. For some people it is booze, others gaming and shopping and etc.

    DH and I are from the gamer realm, though Jason was more into RPG growing up than I am. I much prefer FPS and old school platforms. In Iraq, Jason and his best pal actually held classes to teach other soldiers how to be better at Halo. :smile:
    We can spend hours gaming but we mostly do it together, and it's not in a destructive fashion. By all accounts if you look at how much we enjoy gaming, you would think we'd be totally addicted in a destructive sense, but we approach it the way we approach everything in life - with passion and determination, so we maintain a well-balanced lifestyle that includes exercise ;)

    It's actually much the same as being on tpf - I'm mostly on it at work but sometimes when I am on it at home, if Jason isn't reading things with me it kind of alienates us from one another cause I'm on here and he's trolling on eBay for fishing stuff. Most people think that gaming is some horrible thing that ruins kids' lives, but I gamed a lot as well as maintained a healthy curiosity in books and sports and learning, and I turned out just fine. Parents shouldn't forbid gaming, as it teaches you creative skills and hand-eye coordination, but they should take responsibility to kick their kids outside to run around as much as they are allowed to game or watch tv!

    Yes kids like to game, but I am in the big first boom of gamers from when we were kids - and now my peers are making all these technological advancements as well as demanding them to be made so we can enjoy them. Kids participate now a lot more than when I was younger because they see big bro/sis or mom and dad liking video games and want to do the same - but we are the pioneers and gaming is absolutely a grown up activity, don't let anybody tell you otherwise!
  7. I AM! A recovering WOW addict, that is. I had the most adorable red headed gnome mage named Cassandria. She could DANCE! My bf would be upset with me because when I was busy questing, I'd grunt in acknowledgement of anything he said, but wouldn't really hear him. That, plus the quests and instances taking longer to organize and me staying up until 2-3 killed.

    Fortunately I had to wear myself off that summer. My own computer (I was playing on his roomie's comp and account because he was never there) didn't support the graphics and my internet connection was crappy at home. That was all a lifesaver. I'm now scared to death about starting again because I know I'll get sucked in. Oh, and I bought Guild Wars 2 weeks ago from Best Buy for $10, but I'm too scared to start. Heeeellp me.
  8. Dr. Phil says something is only addictive if it disrupts someone's everyday life. In Vlad's case, it did.

    Good for you, Vlad, for recognizing it was a problem and overcoming it.

    For other people, it may not affect their lives negatively. It depends on the person.
  9. i'm happily addicted to WoW as is my boyfriend. he's actually the person who got me to start playing. i was very upset with him for playing all the time and i just didn't understand and it was problematic but then it came free in the paper one day and i thought i would try it out (and not tell my boyfriend) and see how stupid it was and then convince him to quit. 9 months later i play nearly every day and i absoultely love it. my boyfriend and i play together, it's actually brought us a lot closer because we are both really passionate abuot this same thing instead of us sharing each other passions. and it has been for the best actually. our WoW mates have become our RL mates. there is a group fo about 8 of us and we play together, meet up in RL for movies, nights out...we have become actively involved in each others real lives. we have made this huge network of friends through this game.

    but i feel like i've got a grip on my Wow playing. i have only been playing everyday recently because i've been so so ill and couldn't go to work, couldn't leave the house, etc. but usually i play 4-5 times a week, im' pretty busy so i can't play as much as i probably would if i didn't have so many obligations! and i know i can stop at anytime since i quit for 3 months this summer to complete my master's dissertation.

    but it is VERY HARD to kick an addiction and i applaud you for being able to overcome yours. sadly some people just can never quite get there.
  10. I've never been able to get into RPG's. Tristan has a few and they just don't do it for me. Actually, Halo and racing games are the only games I play...maybe Mortal Kombat/Mario stuff. I've been known to play Halo until 6am :smile:
  11. I love video games, and if a really good game comes out I'll get it and play it with a friend so that between us we complete it, so it's a social thing. I used to play for hours when I was little. I don't spend much time playing now though, only about once every few months, it's not a regular thing like eating, sleeping, study and exercise (for some people playing video games is this regular). Spending hours on a video game doesn't do anyone any good.

    WoW was part of the reason I split up with an ex of mine. He used to spend hours and hours on it and it had a bad effect on him, it was like when he wasn't playing on it it was just a short "break" inbetween huge blocks of WoW time. I feel mean saying it, but all that time spent playing on the computer made him boring.
  12. I played a game similar to WoW quite a few years ago.
    Wouldn't you know the occupation I was most drawn to for my character was a leather smith?? :lol: yeah, i was compensating for the fact that Hermes won't take me into there programme and train me fer real like!....:upsidedown:

    Glad you found your way back to reality Vlad. :tup: I know a few people that can function normally and play WoW, but not very many.
  13. Ive never played WOW. When I worked at SBUX there was a guy that worked for a car unlocking company that would literally sit in the cafe for hours and hours and play that game. If he had a call he would go take care of the care and come back and play some more.

    A friend of mine got me hooked on a silly game called "Kingdom of Loathing" There are adventures, I got to level 19 then got bored. My SO is some kind of a clan leader and plays every now in then. Our jobs and school really prevent us playing hardcore. There is actually a KOLcon in CA every year. The only reason I know that, because the girl that got us hooked lives in CA and went.

  14. High five, brother. I'll be looking you up on live when I'm overseas cause I'll be all over playing Halo all night like white on rice. :tup: (enjoy doing it now, but it will be better when I'm over there).
  15. I used to play WoW myself and loved it! It was so fun and the blood elfs were so pretty!
    Instead of studying for exams, my roommate and I would play WoW till the wee hours of the morning and skip class and such.
    Luckily, I went on vacation this summer where I had limited internet access. I unsubscribed to WoW and now even though I itch to play it from time to time, I don't.
    Has anyone seen the South Park WoW episode?