I just fell in love with The Kid!

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  1. :nuts:

    I am new here, new to Marc Jacobs.

    It's perfect for me. Has everything I have wanted. But all I see are older pictures. Is this style still available?

    Please only good news... I will be so sad if not available any longer.

    Thanks in advance:heart:
  2. Unfortunately, the Kid was released and sold for one season one, F07. Even then, they were rather HTF. Every once in a while, there might be one on ebay, but I haven't seen one in quite a while.
  3. Thanks so much iluvmybags, I had a feeling...

    The Baby Stam is becoming a close second!

    Is Marc Jacobs somewhat addicting???? I feel like I am in a trance, his quilting is unbelievable!
  4. ...Or the Little Cecilia :devil:

  5. Yes, MJ is very much addictive. :yes: Once you go Marc, you can't go back. ;)
  6. LOL.

    Which is your favorite style blackonmaroon?
  7. Marc is the One and only. Get out while you can!!:P
  8. ...but I can't - - it may already be too late.

    I am dying for the styles I have mentioned above - - I wish I could do a Stam but it is too large for me.

    Do the chain straps make them super heavy????
  9. The stam is one of my fav MJ bags. I've owned several stams over the years, and currently own three of them. The newer stams aren't nearly as heavy as the original ones were. They used to be made from calf leather and the chain was solid chain - now the stams are made from quilted lamb's leather, which is both softer and lighter weight. They've also added a leather shoulder pad to the chain, so it's not a full solid chain. In between the calf and lamb's leather stams, there were goat leather stams, which were also much lighter in weight

    There's also been variations of the stam -- Sunburst (which was soft, pleated leather not quilted), St Marks, Memphis, a Soft/Exotic version -- most of the soft body stams are lighter in weight than the traditional quilted leather stams (the softer stams also tend to slouch more and don't look nearly as large as the quilted stams)

    I love the MJ Stam and don't find it to be too big at all - and I'm not very tall either. You should check out the reference section and see some of the modeling pics of the stam



    p.s. :welcome2:to tPF Ruby and the Wonderful World of MJ!!:welcome:
  10. Oh wow, thank you so much, iluvmybags. I had viewed each page of the Stam thread, but did not see the Visual aids thread at all - the model shots are extremely helpful for a newbie such as myself.

    I will go now and continue on with that thread - I am only on page 2 wanted to post back to thank you and it is already fabulous!

    Also thanks for the breakdown of the variations of weight for the Stam and how they differ. Incredibly helpful.
  11. There was a plum Kid on eBay about two weeks ago, but it had a broken kisslock closure. They pop up every few months, so just keep checking. The Kid was made in black patent, plum patent, gold metallic and an orangey metallic. You might want to check Bonanzle too--I know an orangey metallic Kid was available there for awhile.

    It's a perfect-sized bag if the Stam is too big for you. I loved mine but found the extrachunky chainstrap to be heavy to the point of uncomfortable, and the handles on the kid are almost too short to carry on your arm--it's almost strictly a handheld bag without the chain strap.

    It's really, really gorgeous though--the Kid has the elastic quilting, which has more dimension than MJ's traditional quilting, and is a totally practical everyday bag. Good luck with your search!
  12. Thank you mjsmurf77, thank you so much. I will keep my eyes open and continue with my Kid Mantra, LOL.

    Really appreciate all the posts everyone, very kind! (and informative!)