I just fell hard for Cecilia!!


Apr 21, 2008
Los Angeles
Ok so I just fell (hard) in love with the small cecilia yesterday... can anyone tell me what neutral colors is has come in? I know it has come in a purple, blue, pink, and black. I tried on the black one at Bloomies and loved it, the only thing is that I really need a grey bag. Did it ever come in a grey color?

Thanks so much for your help, I can't believe I never knew how gorgey this bag is!!


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
The Small Cecelia was available in grey during the F08 season but it's not currently available. The Cecelia bags from F08 are a little different than the ones out now - the newer ones are made from Lamb's leather, whereas the ones from F08 are goat leather. There was a Lg Cecelia in Grey from F09 (lamb's leather), but they're very HTF as they weren't sold at very many places.

If you have your heart set on grey, your best bet is to stalk ebay or bonanzle and hope that one comes along - but I think you might have a lot of competition. There are several people who have recently asked about the Grey Cecelia from either F08 or F09


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Jan 8, 2007
A smaller messy house
I saw a pretty awesome Resort 09 BEIGE small cecilia at Bloomingdales at Lennox in Atlanta. This beige is less pink than the Spring 09 beige, and more tan. It's a gorgeous neutral!! And it's much softer than the newer beige as well.

Right now Bloomingdales is doing friends & family for 20% off, so it's around $800.