I just dont understand...(long rant)

  1. sorry for long rant!!!

    My friend carrys fakes ALL THE TIME (though she has 2 real ones). From the Mono Speedy 25 to the tote from the cruise line, she even had a fake paddy, and a fake chloe east/west bag.

    She swears her bags are REAL!!!!

    they're actually good fakes, but the leather is all wrong on her chloe's.
    Her LV is grade A, however, I can tell they are not real. I dont know why, it irritates me that she thinks she can pull off a fake bag as REAL one.

    her BF even has the guts to say that, YOU CANT TELL ITS FAKE, when I told him I can, she and he both insisted that I cant tell which are real and fake.

    Why does this irritate me so much? maybe because Im totalllllly just AGAINST fakes!

    I remember one time, I just said it nonchalantly mentioned,

    "good fake, did you get it from hong kong?" (since she frequents hk alot)

    she gave me the most horrible look as if i said something wrong. Maybe i did, but i didnt mean it, i didnt know she wanted to pass the bag as real...

  2. I completely understand - I have a friend who carries an fake LV wallet that is similar to mine (mine of course, is real) and claims that no one could tell the difference. Oh really? Of course most people can tell it's fake, but it just annoys me that she thinks it's the same. But at least she admits it's a fake!
  3. because its wrong to carry a fake, they are eww and its against the law to sell them.

    I would perfect to have a nice leather bag 200$ then to carry a fake anything bag.
    they are just tacky looking. Doesnt matter how close they are to the real deal they will never be 100% and even then.. its still wrong.
  4. Poppincourt, next time the two of you have this discussion, you can tell her the point isn't whether or not someone can detect a real LV from a fake. The problem with fake bags is that they are illegal. Purchasing counterfeit bags supports criminals. If she doesn't want to spend the money on a real LV, she could certainly buy a beautiful handbag elsewhere...there are plenty of companies that make beautiful handbags at much more affordable prices (Kate Spade, Coach, Dooney & Burke...want even cheaper, what about 9 West, Tommy Hillfiger...etc).
  5. ITA!:yes:
  6. one of my relatives (my dad's cousin, but closer to my age) carries a fake Coach purse... she even asked me if it could pass for a real one, and I was honest and told her everything wrong about the bag (the stitching, alignment, etc.). she just shrugged it off, but she doesn't go around claiming that her bag is real and that she paid full price. i don't know why she just won't shell out another $100 or so for a real one.

    it doesn't bug me so much, it's her business what she does with her money... but she knows i don't like fake bags and why i don't like them. i'm thinkin' i'll get her a new, authentic one christmas if she agrees to throw out the poorly made fake!
  7. I used to purchase things on ebay thinking that they were real, cos i didn't know any better. But I would not flaunt fakes, telling others it's real. I understand some people can't afford the real thing and they shouldn't be criticized but at the same time i tell my friends that fakes are made by underpaid labour workers in asia, support the black market etc
  8. If she's your friend and it bugs you so much, can't you just ask her why she tries to pass her fake bags off as real? If she's really your friend, she should have no problem telling you? If I'm close to someone, I have no problem with them asking me ANYTHING and I have no reason to lie to anyone I consider a friend.
  9. I wouldn't worry about....life is too short to worry about others.
  10. :yes: yep you should explain to her the reason why you hate fakes.
    If you can't buy real just buy a beautiful cheaper bag.simple as..there are loads of bags sold in many prices..I'm sure she can find something she'd like..