I just don't get it!?!!

  1. Why do I have to wait to get my heart purses and everyone who is ordering them online is getting them already???:crybaby:

    I'm getting the pink and Pomme...I want my babies!:hysteric:

    But i of course am happy for those who already have them at home...2 more days.....2 more days.....
  2. I did order it online but haven't got it yet. I thought I was going to get the delivery today but.............do you think they won't send it untill 1st of FEB
  3. It's only 2 more days. We'll make it.
  4. Post pics when they eventually arrive :smile:
  5. Yeah, my store isn't letting them go until the 1st either :yucky:

    Not that I'm not happy for those who have them already, I just feel like I was dumb to go through my store now, instead of ordering online.
  6. i got mine today yeppie came all the way from france.

    vivianhw i think u will get urs very soon, have u check on fedex tracking service???? it will tell u when u will be expecting the parcel
  7. I am going to be getting mine from my boutique....I wish I knew to order them online

    2 more days......
  8. ....I never be on the waiting lists and I always get the item at the beginning time.... I always visited boutique myself, there always be some bags for store display out of those waiting lists.
  9. i am calling the night of the 31st to my sa at lv to see if my pomme coeur is in! hopefully so i can pick it up on the 1st!!!!!!!
  10. I wish we all lived in the same place so we could go out and keep eachother company for the next 2 days!
  11. Yeah it kind of makes me mad. My SA wouldn't sell mine to me so I'd wish all stores would follow the rules and not sell until the 1st as well. She did say though that the stores that are selling them early will probably be reprimanded and may not get any items so far in advance next time.
  12. serves them right. everyone should wait, unless they are super vip.
  13. what I don't understand is that it seems vuitton.com is the one sending them out??? I thought that is where everyone was getting theirs.

    that would be messed up if vuitton themselves were sending it out to people before they let stores do it.

    I'm still do ticked about this
  14. Well I do know the white MC, Framboise and the Perle coin purses were being sold even about a month ago in some stores, including Hawaii. Also the new Pomme Inclusion pieces have already been sold in some stores...my SA who is the manager said she'd love to sell them to me (this was yesterday) but she isn't able to before Thursday.
    But yeah I know what you mean..I think they should have one worldwide launch date.
  15. They're all over eBay, too, but the prices are horrible! It will be interesting to see what happens to the eBay prices after Feb. 1st.