I just don't get it...

  1. Yesterday at school, I saw a girl carrying...not one...not two...but three handbags at once! :shrugs: I have never seen anything like it. My boyfriend and I were looking at her going wow! She must really like her handbags, I mean three. One was a coach shoulderbag, one was a handbag, and the other was a tote. I have never in my life seen someone do that. Is that a new thing?:shocked: I just don't get it, I thought you were to only wear one handbag at a time and if you need three maybe you need to buy a bigger bag?:shrugs:
  2. LOL! That is so funny! No- I have never seen anybody carry more then one bag unless they are carrying a diaper bag as well as their handbag!
  3. I see it around here too - lots of people with 2 bags at a time... I don't get it ether. It looks terrible! Don't people think to buy a bigger bag, then put their smaller purse inside?
  4. What the heck, three handbags!? Shouldn't she buy one big one so everything fits there! That would have looked very funny.
  5. I suppose, as handbags have become a bit of a status symbol, for some, it's not that surprising if some people want to show off all their status symbols at once! :shrugs:
  6. It was weird sight to see. I was talking to my boyfriend at that very moment before I saw her in front of us, "lately a lot of people have been seen carrying more than one handbag." Next thing I know, we look up and see her carrying three. My boyfriend and I just started looking like something like this... :wtf: :yucky: :shocked: :shrugs: Then we went on to our conversation...but it was weird. I think it might be a new trend, but she is the first I have seen with 3 handbags. It is crazy.
  7. It's funny how these coincidences happen, isn't it?

    It can't even be good for the condition of the bags, can it? If they are all crunched together, clashing hardwear etc.? :shrugs:
  8. Hmmm, I haven't seen that trend, yet. I hope I don't!:wondering
  9. Bag-laydeeeeeee! it almost becomes symbolic, because it's so unusual. i bet she has a ton of issues she hasn't dealt with yet, so they get bigger and bigger, until she feels like she needs three bags to "carry" them all in! maybe it's her way of calling attention to whatever she's dealing with thru her bags. talk about emotional attachment...i'm taking off my psych hat now...
  10. sometimes i carry 2 bags, one smaller for personal utems such as wallet, etc. and a bigger obe for my work files & other stuffs.
    i started this habit 10 yrs ago, since i was in high school
  11. i think someone wants to use all of her bags at the time.. but yeah, that would be funny, carrying three bags all at the same time.. although when i was working, I literally had three bags.. one for my books, one for my computer, and then my regular purse, so when ppl saw me leaving the office or coming to the office, they all laughed..
  12. That's a trend that needs to die quickly.
  13. i have a friend who does that. she has her regular purse (shoulder bag) and she also carries a tote for other misc items like snack, book, whatever. i always make fun of her when i see her but to her it makes perfect sense.
  14. I sure it was a sight to see. She probably looked as if though she was running away from home.
  15. Hmm...haven't seen anything like that yet!