I just dont get it!!

  1. So i was browsing eBay looking for newly added birkins/kellys.. and i did a search on what mightykismet sells since ive seen many many gorgeous bags on her listings..

    Suddenly i see this listing for a "Sutor" bag which looks exactly like a birkin, made in Italy.. i just donut get it.. if she sells authentic birkins why would she list alook alike one?? isn't weird??:shrugs:

    here's the listing i'm talking about:

  2. I agree, I find it strange.
  3. Bizarre. The most sense I can make of this is, she is NOT calling it a Birkin, so, if someone likes the bag AND knows it is not Hermes, then...??...OK to buy/sell with that in mind?

  4. i think if you only sell Hermes it sort of diminshes your cachet.......................................i think it s odd too
  5. unless it's this company, "sutor"
    the seller cannot control companies that appropriate the style. if it's a legitimate company that's working out in the open, i don't see the harm.
  6. if people know she sells authentic hermes don't you think someone is going to buy that thinking it's a birkin? even if she doesn't say so?
  7. I personally think it kind of calls the other things she sells into question. this is clearly an "inspired by" if not a "replica" bag.... I for one am going to cross mighty off my list.... makes me nervous about buying anything from her.
  8. i don't think it was a smart business move, no. i agree with you there.
    and funny how she words it, guaranteed authentic. i guess buyer beware. if someone just sees that it looks like a birkin and sees that it's guaranteed authentic and doesn't do their homework as to what an authentic "sutor" is, they may well be confused enough to buy this thinking it's a birkin. but she doesn't seem to be intentionally misleading anyone, just not educating them either.
  9. I agree, it isn't a smart business move. I personally wouldn't purchase anything from her.
  10. Before I write this, I will say that you are all entitled to your opinions and I completely respect that.

    But, I can't strongly disagree with you more - this seller has a stellar reputation and there isn't a better eBay seller of Hermes out there, period.

    She listed a crocodile handbag from Italy - nowhere in the listing does she say Hermes, Birkin, or any other reference to an Hermes bag. This seller goes out of her way to please her customers and provide only the best products, period. I'm really sad to see anybody saying the least thing that would be unflattering because if you don't know her, you don't know how wonderful she is and how accommodating she tries to be for every one of her customers.

    She'd never in a million years sell anything less than authentic or try to mislead anyone into thinking it was something other than it was. By the shape of the bag anybody should know it's not a birkin and if they emailed her to ask, of course she'd be very, very clear.

    I just am very sad at the thought of anyone calling MightyKismet into question. She is a pillar of the Hermes resale community. My sister has bought several from her, and I would buy from her in a heartbeat!:heart:
  11. I wanted to come back to this and add I'm not in the least critizing any of you for your opinions, really. It's just that everybody who deals with her that I know says what a doll she is and how far she goes to ensure her Hermes items are authentic, and that's a rarity these days. :smile:
  12. I'd buy from MK in a hot second regardless because I know that she sells only authentic Hermes items. And that's good enough for me.
  13. i wasn't saying anything about HER. i was saying if she's known to sell hermes and someone sees this they might assume it is hermes even if she never says it, mainly because the majority of eBay buyers DO NOT READ.

  14. I agree. Once you are known to sell something high-end like Hermes, people will be less cautious about not assuming that everything you have is real. We are told to look over the sellers previous items sold and bought to get a gauge or sense of the seller. This is simply business we are discussing here and not personal.

    It's like a jeweler that all of a sudden has a CZ (lab created diamond) ring in the inventory. Makes one question all the merchandise - at least makes me question it.......
  15. I also heard only good things about Mightykismet. She has very high reputation for selling only authentic & sweet/honest seller.