I just donated to "Locks of Love", but...

  1. ...I feel awful! I know that I'm going to sound incredibly selfish and stupid, but I'm still trying to get used to the incredibly short hair that I now have. I've had long, long hair since HS and many people have complimented me on my hair, saying that I should donate it. I finally decided to do that, and made an appt. last night. It was way more traumatic than I thought it would be, and I cried when I got home. I'm being incredibly stupid, right?
  2. Think of it as a great cause...it will take time to get use to your new hair style. Give it time. :yes:
  3. sweetpea's right....you've done an incredibly generous thing and it's not selfish at all that you might be reeling form the shock of having lost all that hair-you've had it for years and years. from what i've seen of your posts in the wardrobe portion of the forum i know you have impeccable taste and i'm sure your hair looks beautiful-it may just take a few days of getting used to. i know i took my hair through a semi-drastic change a few months ago, and although i love it now it definitely took me about a week or so to take it all in and really start to love it. feel better! :tup:
  4. i cry if my hair gets too short even if it wasn't for a good cause but thats such a generous thing you did and hair always grows back!
  5. Good for you! I know you are "mourning" your hair loss, but you did a great thing! Your hair will grow back. I am sure you look cute as a button with short hair.
  6. Such a kind, generous thing to do. You know that. Hair is so important to us as women. I totally understand how you are feeling. Do you not like the cut?? If its going to be short, get a funky trending cut KWIM?!! OR get some extensions if you can not cope with it short. Big hugs...you are not being silly at all!! I get it!
  7. You deserve a new purse!

    {{{ HUGS }}}
  8. Awe, you did such a wonderful thing! :flowers: It's a drastic change going from long to short, but you'll get used to it & hair grows back.
  9. You did such a wonderful thing and you will get used to the short hair. It will grow back. Feel better and take comfort in knowing that you made someone else smile.
  10. That's SO SO SO Nice of you!
    I'm sure you will get used to your hair ,
    It's going to grow back in no time.
    Smile! You have just done a great thing. :smile:
  11. That was very sweet of you.:tup:
    Just think of the lucky child that will benefit from such a generous donation.
  12. you did a great thing! Just play around with some different styles with your current cut and your hair will be long again before you know it :smile:
  13. Aww sorry you feel like that. I remember when I cut my long hair and got a bob style big mistake for me. I know how you feel.

    On the other side my daughter just donated 8" too and she is so happy to be rid of her hair. You will get used to it. Just look at it as sometimes you need to get rid of the old hair to start growing it over again nice and healthy. Good luck, I am sure your new cut looks great!
  14. I think what you did was amazing! Your hair will grow back. I know it's easy for me to say, but you really did an act of human kindness! Be proud of who you are, and look in the mirror and SMILE!
  15. You should really be commended for that! I've been donating to them for years and honestly, you'll think it's fun since you get to experiment with new styles! It's fun to try different things while doing something extremely selfless.

    I actually did hair ads when I was younger so it was pretty shocking at first but really, it will grow back and you just helped many children who don't have the opportunity to look as hot as you I'm sure! :graucho:

    Sometimes the right path is not always the smoothest.

    PS - lol at the comment about how you deserve a new purse! Go get one!;)