I just couldn't stop myself - I hit BIN on a Cambridge!!!

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  1. So, I have a habit of searching "Coach purple" on evilbay and last night I happened across a new listing for a "COACH hobo / tote handbag". I had to do a double take when I realized exactly which bag it was - a dark purple Cambridge hobo!!!!

    The starting bid was $89 and there was one bid on the bag with close to 5 days left of bidding. BUT - there was also a BIN price of.... $189!!!!!

    I'm fully aware of the fact that there are a few ink marks on the liner - which doesn't bother me at all since it's usually an easy fix. I e-mailed the seller about the exterior (are there scuffs, scratches, etc.) and she replied that there exterior is perfect!!!!

    I was not going to take my chances on letting this one get away - especially if it ended up in the "Deals & Steals" thread... so I hit the button!!!! :yahoo:

  2. LOL - I was watching that one...shoulda known better. ;)

    Congrats, JustOneMore74 -- the leather on that bag looks really yummy.
  3. I saw that as well, but it's nearly identical to the old school MbyMJ Faridah bag that I had and sold.
  4. Great buy... I would have hit the Bin also...
  5. Congrats bag twin! Glad that you were able to score this bag! The leather is to die for! She is very comfortable on the shoulder and holds alot:smile:
  6. Thanks everyone! I was searching the forum last night to get a feel for what current owners thought of her. I do know that some thought she was on the large side, but that's what I'm looking for. I'm so happy to hear that she's comfy to carry - I just returned a metallic Alexandra not too long ago because she dug into my shoulder.
  7. Wow, that was an awesome score, good job and congrats!
    That leather looks completely yummy!
  8. Thanks codegirl! P.S. I'm glad to see you back with us. :biggrin:
  9. Congrats! Please post modeling shots when you get her. I because a coachie after this line and I haven't seen much about it but it looks gorgeous!
  10. Beautiful. I totally missed the boat on the Cambridge. I love this bag!!
  11. I love this bag. I would have hit BIN if I had seen this auction. I'm so jealous. I glad it went to another tpf memeber. Congrats
  12. I had that one on my watch list also! I debated about hitting the BIN last night and needed to sleep on it. Of course, it was gone this morning. Glad it went to a pf-er!

    I have a black Cambridge and love it!
  13. CONGRATS!!! Love the Cambridge line and this color is TDF!!! Nice score!!
  14. SO pretty! I want a Purple Coach! What a great deal you got too!! :love:
  15. Nice job!! I also do the search on Coach and purple. I just LOVE purple!!!!!!!!! And Coach, of course!!!!!!