I just couldn't resist...Carmen and Bentley when they were pups! *PICS*

  1. My Dad finally scanned these in and sent them to me...I just had to share!!:heart::p
    Carmen_2.jpg Carmen_3.jpg Carmen_Toy1.jpg puppy.jpg
  2. Awww!! :love: They are adorable!
  3. awww FINALLY girl! lol They are absolutely adorable!!! and you were right about Greta and Bentley looking alike as puppies. :smile:
  4. They're soooo cute! :love:
  5. OMG!! They are just TDF adorable. You are right, little Carmen does look like my soon to be pup, Bella :p
  6. Awwwww, cuter than cute!
  7. Aww they are adorable!
  8. Simply adorable!
  9. Awww...so cute!!
  10. Too cute.
  11. OMG they are so adorable. i love puppies, wish they could always stay pups.
  12. So cute! The toy is a big as the puppy!
  13. Cuuuute:heart:
  14. The black one looks JUST like my chi!!
  15. Aww lil babies!! So adorable.