I just couldn't do it =)

  1. Hey everyone, you may remember my previous thread about selling my pochette plate and epi seller dragonne clutch. I have come to the conclusion that I could never sell a piece of LV haha. I was able to sell my burberry duffel because I never used it, but the LV is something else =) I have decided the pochette plate gm and the Epi seller dragoone clutch would look great in my new Bal Mens Day =) I know I was going to get the olav mm but maybe this spring =)

  2. nice!!!
  3. Awww, glad you kept them! I could never sell any of my LV either! I've always managed to find other uses for them or my daughter uses them.

  4. My mono toiletries case looks great with bal so it all worked out =)
  5. OMG im so happy for you looking into other designer besides LV.
    And I love Balenciaga Giant Hardware bags.
  6. The bag is huge!! I stuffed it with 3 towels to put away in his dust bag lol
  7. Very nice... congrats
  8. cool Bbag! ;)
  9. Wow very nice. I am so glad you didn't sell your Louis Vuittons.
  10. u wont regret it,..:tup:
  11. Looks great!!
  12. Is that Linen?
  13. I'm glad you decided to keep them.. LV IS something special. :graucho:
  14. Love the B bag!!!
  15. I realise this is the LV forum but is your Day this season's? I didn't realise they were doing fabric ones!