I just couldn't decide...

  1. I haven't been able to find my perfect black city so in the meantime I've been entertaining the idea of just getting something else.

    Today I looked at a greige twiggy and a truffe twiggy. The truffe's leather was absolutely amazing! Rich, thick, no veins, yet had character.

    There were 2 greige twiggy's - one with veins and character and another which was absolutely clean, no veins, smooth, not shiny....but looked very plain almost, maybe it was too clean.

    First of all, I had never even thought about getting a twiggy, never ever. But when I held it I liked it. But I have a camel, don't you think truffe is just too similar, should I get greige?

    I feel like I should looooove the bag if I'm buying it but I just wasn't loving it...what would you do???? Seriously, it was one of those times I which I had my fellow tPFers there to help!

    Oh, and let's say I buy one of those colors and I get tired of it in a few months.....do you think I'll be able to resell either one for a good price, are these coveted colors, or is it too early to tell??
  2. You don't love the Greige Twiggy, so I say pass and keep looking for that black City! Have you talked to Joseph at BalNY? I'm sure they still have some of these gorgeous black 06 Fall Cities with the great leather. He won't let you down!
  3. I would pass too if you're not in love. I saw a greige as well and this one looked too plain, somehow boring as well. So I passed waiting to go to a bigger place next week and maybe get a red city (you only live once).Truffe is a great color. I would be tempted, twiggy and part time are so diffrent. I don't think that it's too close to the camel.

    Keep us posted.
  4. Aloha Rag has the Black City in stock...I'm waiting mine to come sometime this week! They ship int'l too.
  5. I wiIll wait until I get my perfect black, I'm starting to think that I'm so picky I need to pick it out IRL, or I'll be disappointed, but in the meantime....

    I've been thinking a lot about the truffe twiggy, A LOT. I seemed to like her a lot more than greige, but won't my collection be a little dull with a camel and a truffe? They're similar...oh woe is me. What a problem to have.

    Would I be able to resell the truffe twiggy for a good price later, when (or IF) I tire of her?
  6. Which color is more wearable: greige or truffe? Which is a more verstaile addition to a Bbag collection?
  7. I think it all depends on your wardrobre, I think truffe and camel are complementary. I just love diffrent brown tones. The greige is much lighter...maybe a little more subject to getting dirty. But I'm in the same boat and can't help you much!
  8. I'm just afraid that the same times I'll want to reach for the camel I would also reach for truffe, they're in the same brownish family. But I didn't love greige so I guess i should wait for another twiggy I fall in love with :sad: