I just could not resist these...

  1. As soon as I saw them I HAD to have them! Yes, I know $400 is too much for a pair of heels but you can understand why I NEEDED them, can't you?
    Andreas Loriblus.JPG
  2. OOO I love those shoes. Where did you find them?
  3. Ooh- looks like a glass slipper or something a princess would wear.
  4. soooo hot!!
  5. They loook nice, very victorian like.
  6. Cute shoes!
  7. Very nice! They look like they were worth the $400!
  8. they're tdf!!! :yes:
  9. They're so hottttttttt:nuts:
  10. They look really expensive! Very classy pair of heels! =)
  11. They remind me of diamond jewelry. No wonder you had to buy them. Do you have a special event you plan on wearing them to?
  12. Oh, those are hot! Did you take that pic? I love it on the mirror!
  13. OOOH MY! Those are TDF! Love them!!
  14. Congrats! Love them!
  15. Whoa, those are hot!
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