I Just Could Not Resist...Kooba Maria

  1. Oh, good grief...I've gone and done it again.


    Impulse purchase for sure, but I've been searching for this bag in terraine for almost a year. They are sold out on the Kooba website, in fact on EVERY website. I've found just a couple on eBay, but have always been outbid. The last one went up to $310, and I think it was used!

    I've considered the suede (doesn't wear as well) & the black (just doesn't look as good) & metallics, but this one I've loved at first site. I'm a hippie at heart, and this just speaks to me.

    So I found this one at a BIN of $255, and went for it. It looks great in the pics, but now I'm wondering if I jumped the gun. I haven't seen this bag faked (that I know of).

    I will be selling that Bonnie for sure now...or my hubby will KILL me.
  2. Noooo Don't sell the Bonnie! :crybaby:

    But you are gonna love the Maria. I think the Terraine makes it especially wonderful and it's so much more roomy than it looks. I've been entertaining the thought of getting the Carla in terraine while I can still find one but really the size of the Maria is fine with me. I'm happy for you. Let us know how you like it when it comes. Has the seller confirmed with you?
  3. I agree. I think it looks good in the pics.

    No, no, no don't sell the Bonnie... Debox it, sneak it into your closet, get rid of the evidence, then debut it randomly one day. When he asks "Is that a new bag?" just say "No, I've had this one for quite a while." End of discussion.

    That's what a few of us do, and it works pretty well. :whistle:

  4. Oh Yea...The "this old thing?" method. It works pretty well. Just that sometimes hubby pays more attention to my bags than I think he does.
  5. Yeah, that Maria in terraine sold out quickly: I would sit and admire it and think "I'll pick it up sometime soon", and then it was GONE! I know it hit the sale at some websites, but I was always too late. Hopefully, Kooba continues to make this color. It's so versatile, not winter, nor summer, but all season.

    I'm so excited, seller probably is unaware she made a sale yet. I'm on the West Coast.

    I'm going to be on pins & needles now...:sweatdrop:
  6. Congrats on the great deal! I agree w/ Lexie, don't sell the Bonnie! It's so cute. I'm looking to get one myself. So far, I haven't had to explain to my hubby about my new bag purchases. I actually hide them for a bit (I know sad cause sometimes I'm dying to carry them), and not use them all at once, so there's no suspicion.
  7. You girls are such bad influences (with some pretty useful ideas, however)

    What I dread is the "how much did you pay for it" question. I have a hard time answering those with a straight face. :busted
  8. He hasn't yet even noticed the Bonnie; but he's not real observant. (Heck it's red & has been sitting right there in our room) I know I will carry Maria alot, and won't be able to wait. And he will notice it on me, more than just laying around the bedroom.

    Our room doubles as an eBay storage unit...
  9. Here's what I do with the "How much did you pay" question...

    "I got such a good deal on this, you wouldn't even believe that it was 60% off. It was so much cheaper than the one I was going to get... and look at how pretty it is up close!"

    And voila! Question diverted.:roflmfao:
  10. Oh, such a pretty bag :smile: Congrats!
  11. Congratulations!
  12. I own a Maria in terraine and really feel it is so versatile and quite large enough for everything I might need in an everyday purse.

    I think this color is simply the best and love love love the texture of the leather. I also enjoy the shoulder strap set up because IT STAYS ON.

    As long as the photo in your eBay auction is the actual bag you are getting, you are fine, those photos are dead on.


    Oh, and I too, have a Bonnie in red on the way. Hide her under the bed for a month or two and when hubby asked where she came from say....

    'how would you like your rib eye steak done tonight? And do you want twice baked potatoes with it? And caeser salad?'....

    His tummy will go into overdrive and he will forget all about your new bag.
  13. How could you possibly resist? Congratulations on your new Maria and on snagging such a great deal. Enjoy!
  14. Of course you couldn't resist! It's a Kooba. We understand, trust me.

    Great bag. Kooba does that Boho Chic thing so well.
  15. Gorgeous bag, great size and a great color. Congratulations!