I just checked my cc and BalNy...

  1. seems to have charged me xtra. I ordered a city in grass green and a coin purse the charge on my cc is 1583.60 that doesn't make sense. Can u girls think it was a mistake or did prices go up??
  2. 7% Sales Tax? do you live in NY?
  3. nope it was shipped to New Jersey
  4. weird.
    I wonder why the extra 7% ... I would still think for some reason it is Sales Tax ... I would certainly call tomorrow and find out
  5. it is a sales tax. i had it shipped to my friends house and she just checked the invoice and it's NJ sales tax wtf??? s
  6. I live in California and I was accidentally charged sales tax. The salesperson just cancelled the transaction and charged me for the bag without tax. I am sure if you call them they will make the adjustment for you.
  7. BalNY has to charge sales tax for New York and New Jersey purchases. They have an office in New Jersey so the tax applies. No tax anywhere else.
  8. Okay, I actually think I know the answer to this!

    I live in NYC but have a good friend in Jersey, so I was going to ship there to avoid the sales tax. But Kim at BalNY said no go because their warehouse is in Jersey, so they still have to report the tax (and therefore charge it).

    So the cost of the city plus the cost of the coin purse plus 8.5% tax (or thereabouts for NYC) might be the total...
  9. awww that sucks if i had known i would have shipped to my aunt's house in WA. The funny thing is i called a week before to ask the abt tax and they told me they only charge tax in NY i don't even know who i spoke too. They really should have told me when i ordered, how the heck am i supposed to know they have a warehouse in NJ.
  10. You should still call and ask...maybe because an SA told you just NY, you can work something out with them.
  11. i will call but usually once a store sells the item they could careless

    thanks for ur help
  12. They charge tax to NJ and NY as they have a repair center in NJ