I just carried a RP ManCrazy in LV store!

  1. OMG!!!

    I was told that a few pieces of RP products arrived over the weekend for press clips. I called the store and they agreed to let me view Mancrazy. The catalogue pic does not do the bag justice. I was drooling all over the bag.

    The material was exactly the same as rayure but with faded red patches. The handles and the trimmings are in python skin and to me they are the highlight of the bag. It is so real that I could feel the scales. The overall feel is a classic vintage bag and it really grows on you.

    The inside is soft cream suede I supposed and very roomy too. The entire bag is rather soft, not structure hence, though it is a cube, it didn't feel like a box. If you are petite, you can actually try carrying it on your shoulders.

    The only drawback is the base, like a speedy, it is collapsible. The 15 minutes of parading with Mancrazy in LV store is worth the long journey I took to the store. I just wish I was in nurse uniform. LOL

    Unfortunately, the allocation for the Mancrazy is full for mid feb. The next allocation would be in April/May and honestly, I don't want to wait. I enquired on Teal pochette and the allocation is closed cause only 5 pieces will be coming in.

    I going to call my SA from another store- I NEED A MANCRAZY.
  2. Sorry, but i'm clueless.....what does the "mancrazy" look like ?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Thanks for the excellent info! I love the nurse comment, priceless! LOL!
  5. Thanks for the info!!! sounds like it's living up to its hype.
  6. I went to hold it on Saturday..and I really thought it was too boxey? I waitlisted for the Graduate instead.
  7. OH thank you
  8. Yes, the sample pieces have to move from store to store.
    Hope you get lucky with one! It's gorgeous and oh such a unique style!

    As I was fiddling with it last week at the jewellery section where most people don't go to, quite a lot of people made their way to where I was sitting just to catch a view of it. Most just discreetly walked around and were too polite to come over to touch it. And there was a guy who was extremely interested in it! I think he was a tourist who was in town for only a few days so he asked if he could buy it immediately despite it being a sample piece which had been fondled by so many people!
  9. So........did it make you want to grab men and kiss them? :smile: LOL..........
  10. LOL.... They must be really envious of you fiddling with it. Most likely, they thought you are buying it!

    I had to make an appointment with them cause they will be closed by the time I arrived. So I was alone with that bag. Honestly, I was all prepared to pay for it even though it is a display piece.... Yes, I am this desperate.

    I called my SA from another store and she is helping me with an allocation. I am really hoping for a fixed allocation for the batch coming in mid feb. April/May is too far away...
  11. God!! You're so lucky to see these bags IRL. :nuts:

    I live in Los Angeles area and my store still know vaguely about these products. :shrugs:
    And that makes me really disappointed!
  12. That sounds so cool! I wonder if I will ever get to see these bags IRL? They sound so limited.
  13. I wanna grab my hubby and kiss him just from reading this thread!!!! :graucho:
  14. It seems boxy when you look at it, but actually it squishes to about the size of a speedy 30. I played with one at the Guggenheim and I'm getting mine on 2/15. Looks like there's gonna be a Mancrazy club.
  15. tnakx for the info ur very lucky