I just can't wait!!! Ahhhhhh~

  1. My blue metallic python stam just got shipped today from Nordstrom's Rack... I got it for $663.12 including tax and ship, where it retailed for $4000..... It was kind of funny, but when the manager emailed me that it was shipped, she said as she was ringing it up for me 3 other customers asked her if they could buy it......

    I can't wait until it gets here..... :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. What an awesome deal!! That python Stam is a beauty. I saw it IRL last Summer while I was in NYC. It is a definite attention-grabber. I liked it. Really flashy. You will not see a lot of people carrying that. I remember it being really expensive. You scored!
  3. ^Is this the bag I just posted about in the sale section?
  4. :huh:OOH how cool! You go w/ your python self! :smile: Show pics AS SOON as you get it! :smile:
  5. I got mine from the Nordstrom's Rack in Bellevue, WA... but I think yeah, that's the one...
  6. wow crazy markdown on that bag maggiesze1! congrats. you majorly scored!
  7. What a deal!!!
  8. Awesome deal!! Please post pictures when you get her. Congrats!
  9. great deal! hope you'll enjoy it, (but i think that won't be a problem!)
  10. congrats! i love that feeling of waiting for the bag that you've been wanting forever and then finally taking it out of the box/dustbag. i think it's the best part of our purse obsession.
  11. [​IMG]
    Is this it?????????????????
  12. ^^ Yes, that's the bag she's been looking for. THat's a great price not only for an MJ Collection bag, but for a $4000 bag!
  13. congrats! i usually dont like the python but the blueish silveryness of it its so cute!
  14. I would wear this out at night w/ an all black outfit - I wonder how the leather looks IRL
  15. OMG, I cannot wait to see IRL pics