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  1. I never really liked the Speedy much until very recently (i.e. until I saw them on this forum :shame:smile:, and now I really do like it. I can't make up my mind between a 25 and a 30. When I saw ilzabet's Speedy 30 I thought the size looked just right, but then when I saw Sweetea's Cerises Speedy 25 I thought that size looked just right too :wacko:! And the funny thing is that they both had pictures of them carrying the bag.

    I know it's only a 2-inch difference in the size, but does it really make that much of a difference when a person is carrying it? Unfortunately, I live in a pseudo-hick town where the only pseudo-designer brand sold here is Coach :hrmm:, and the nearest Louis Vuitton boutique is about 400 miles away (no joke, it's in Manhattan), so I can't try both the 25 and 30. I want to get the Speedy on eLuxury, but I want to make sure I get the right size because a return/exchange is too much hassle :suspiciou.


    And I know some of you might be sick of this question already, but which size do you guys suggest? I'm 5'4" and I weigh 122lbs (if that's of any relevance, just so you won't think I'm stick-thin or hippo-like and therefore misjudge the size of the 25 and 30 on me). Note: I wear heels 90% of the time, so I'm usually about 5'8".
  2. Those are some high heels !!

    I personally prefer the 25, but the 30 may be more suitable for you. Plus a lot of ladies that do buy the 25 find that they eventually long for the extra little bit of space of the 30. And if you get the 30 and decide it's too big, at least you could trade down without having to put in any more money !
  3. From the sounds of it, I think you'll really like the 30.

    It's an ideal size. i have it in multicolor and love it
  4. Where do you live? I am moving to an area that does not have anything but Coach. You do not like in Syracuse do you? Myself and another PF member have been commiserating over how it stinks to have to make all purse purchases with just a picture to go on.

    I am 5'1 and carry a 30. I love it. :love: However I also own an epi leather speedy 25 and I think that looks cute as well. Honestly, I think either one works. It is more your preference on whether you want a bigger bag or not. It is easier to get into the 30 but that may be because the epi leather is not broken into yet.
  5. I plan on getting a 25 since I don't like oversized bags (30). I don't think the 30 will look oversized on you though. You might come to enjoy the extra space like Ayla said. For your reference, I'm petite, 5'2. Keep us posted on what you decide!:P
  6. I live in Buffalo. We have Coach at the Kaufmanns department store, and at the Niagara Falls Prime Outlets. And that's the closest you'll ever get to a 'designer' store.
  7. I went through the same dilemma when trying to decide which size I wanted from eluxury. I almost bought the 30 just because the price difference is so small and I figured I could always use the extra room. Like you, I live in a hick town and could not try the bags on in person. I am SO GLAD I bought the 25. It has more than enough room for me and is perfect. I am 5'2". The 30 would have been way too big for me and I would not have been happy.

    Eluxury has a great return policy and their customer service is wonderful, so if you change your mind about the size, exhange it for a different size.
  8. Hi, I'm 5'3" and bought the 25 (but it hasn't come yet). There are several threads that talk about the 25 versus the 30 and check out the celebrity photos too. The Speedy shape is quite full so even though the dimensions of the 25 seem small (10 x 7) the bag has that roundedness -- same for the 30, even more so. The 30 seems to be the "iconic" size (Audrey Hepburn photo). But it takes a lot of stuff inside to keep it rounded and full, and not sagging.

    I live in Rochester and so like many of the others here, have never seen a Speedy IRL! Had to make the decision based on the recommendations, photos, making paper models (yes, I actually did that) and still I have my fingers crossed that the 25 will be the perfect size -- when it gets here . . . . .
  9. I'd vote for the 30. I'm 5'4" too, but I'm wear a size 14. On me, the 25 looks funny. I think mainly b/c it's not in proportion with my body. But since you're thin--I'd think that you could pull of the 25. But it is kinda small. My friend is normally 5'8" (she usually wears flats) and is about a size 2. She prefers the 25, but only because she likes small bags. She agrees that the 30 looks better on her, but she just likes a small bag.

    That's something to consider... I think a 25 is a bag that you could "outgrow"--for some reason I think of it as a bag for "younger" women, mainly b/c I see teenagers with the bag. Whereas, the 30 will take you through life.

    Hope that helps!
  10. i like that! :biggrin:
  11. I have a 35 and it fits my body frame and height just fine. I know it's not much help but I hope you do come to a decision soon and love it!
  12. i love my thirty. :smile: the 25 just looked too small on me, but i am used to carrying bigger bags and i am not a thin girl. however, i've loved the 25s i've seen on other people. that is not helping...do you usually carry bigger or small bags, lots of stuff or not much? because i could really see the size difference when i tried them on in person. they both hold A LOT, but obviously 30 holds more for just 20 dollars more.
  13. Question : what do you want to put inside ? If you have a lot of stuffs, it's possible that the 25 won't be big enough, but if you don't carry a lot, go for the 25.
  14. I like the mono in 30 and the epi in 25.
  15. :PI love the 25 but it can get a little crowded some times, but I cram a lot of stuff in there...two phones, two check books, a makeup bag. Without the makeup bag, it is perfect. You just have to try it out. Good luck. I don't think you can go wrong.