I just can't stop buying stuff...

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  1. I know I don't have many posts but I'm a fiend when it comes to searching and researching everything. I have become infatuated with the Damier Graphite line and have vowed to make as many purchases as I can from that line or at least without going broke.

    So far I have the Roadster, Steeve, Michael, Keepall 55, Iphone case, and Card Holder. My parents think I'm crazy for spending this much on just bags but I justify it as a hobby. Of course they don't understand. Along with this hobby I also LOVE watches and with me acquiring this new job after graduating college has not helped me calm down either.

    AND to top it all off I'm a dude who is only 23. I know its a lot easier for ladies to get by buying this much stuff but are there any other guys in here that just can't stop?

    Also, I'm heading to Vegas in a couple of months and plan on purchasing a few more stuff. I'm getting into their EPI collection and the Damier Geant. Any recommendations as to what to pick up.

  2. get what you love when you love it - surely you don't need any pushing towards anything spesific, looks like youre doing just fine, lol :nuts:

    And as long as you can afford it, what you spend your money is YOUR business. Enjoy it! :biggrin:
  3. You need the Graphite Pilot Case!!
  4. I've been trying to look for the Pilot for awhile but having a hard time because the LV in Michigan does not have it in stock and for a rolling luggage I would like to purchase the Graphite or Ebene Pegase 55 but again I have to find it first. I am a firm believer of making purchases of items that are in front of me, not from the internet. Just have to see what comes in time to time.
  5. I can't stop buying stuff too.
  6. Me 3 :blush:
  7. I can agree with you but the only bags I want are the keepall and greenwich in macassar... Other than that little things like scarfs sunglasses ect. I will spend a fortune on
  8. I also can't stop buying stuff DH thinks I am nuts. he bought be an azur Galliera Fri and I bought a tivoli for myself Sat. I know how it goes. Plus TPF doesn't help LOL.
  9. great collection!!!!
  10. My SA said the Gents can be the worse than the Ladies at times. They can be real picky with the items and are real particular when it comes to the shoes. I remember when the Kanye West sneakers were released it was a mad house and every time I visited the boutique thru summer, there was a guy asking about the sneakers. :biggrin: Enjoy the LV and I say continue with the Graphite items. I love Graphite. How do you like the Roadster vs. Keepall?
  11. Me 4!!! Oy vey!
  12. I love the shape of the roadster because it works on so many levels. The keepall is just a normal duffel bag that can get tossed around. If anything happened to the keepall I wouldn't care as much if it happened to the roadster.

    Yeah I don't know why ppl went nuts over the kanye shoes, they are hideous IMO. I'm into that hypebeast stuff as well but not so much. I rock a few bapes, stussy, bbc, neighborhood jeans, clot, but some of these guys are CRAZY!!!
  13. I'm also a 23 year old guy and I can't stop shopping either. And unfortunately not just for LV!
  14. I loveeee the graphite line too. My problem is that I buy it even if its a men line and get confused remarks from it. All this to say that I understand 100% how you feel. Those additions to your life will last for a very long time.

    I would suggest to merge to the Epi as there is no design. Also, your parents wont notice your new addition that easily (there's no pattern) ! Its also quite different from what you've got.

    Keep us posted !

  15. I'm in the same boat! :nuts: