I just cant seem to stick with it EVER!!!!

  1. Everynight I go to bed and tell my self that tomm im going to change. I will wake up and exersize and eat healthy.

    Everyday I fail misserably. It makes me so depressed. I feel like such a failure and I am disgusted with my self.:crybaby:

    I don't think I will ever be able to get down to the size I want. I am in tears right now because I can't take it any more. I go into the world and I see these girls who can wear anything and then I come home and look at my self and it makes me sick.

    I don't even like looking at my self in a mirror I try to avoid them. You would think this would give me the motivation to change. It never does the cycle just keeps continuing and I truly don't know how to stop it.

    I have been feeling so horrible land depressed lately.:crybaby:

    Im sorry I just had to vent.
    I don't have a family I can talk to that's a whole other story.
  2. I totally understand exactly what you mean! Why don't we just take it one meal at a time? Each good for you meal is a success!
    Tackling everything at once is so overwhelming.
  3. Oh...I know EXACTLY how you feel. I just posted a thread like this a few days ago on here.

    If you would like, feel free to PM me. Maybe there is a way we could motivate each other because I am EXACTLY like you. I cannot motivate myself at all even though I know it is what I want. I am the type of person who needs to see results NOW otherwise I lose interest.

    What if you and I got pedometers and set a number of steps to walk every day and we check in with each other and help plan eating a bit better together? I bet if I told you that I would walk say....3000 steps tomorrow and I knew you were waiting to see if I did...I would probably do it! :idea: I am sure there is something we could do. But I just wanted to let you know that you are NOT alone. I feel just the way you do. I am so sorry you feel this way and I hope that in time you can come to love yourself the way that I wish I could...maybe in time with help from each other..we can.

  4. RudeGal - can i join in too? Im having a hard time as well. I gave up last week and i posted it here and everyone's been so supportive.

    SilverSea - what can i say except hang in there. Thats all you can do right now, be happy and hang in there. We are here to help :smile:
  5. hey ya,
    i know how you feel but my advice is for your own happiness - stop putting yourself down over it. I started a different thread a while ago on this kind of thing, and honestly you are getting yourself in a vicious cycle - ending in depression, like you said yourself.

    i know it is easier said than done - but I have done it and honestly you can do that too. when you are stressed, sad or depressed your body will be affected, and losing weight is not what will make you feel better. plenty of stick-thin miserable girls in this world - how about this:

    nice idea with the pedometer etc. add an apple for breakfast, and some salad TO your lunch (not AS your lunch - can't keep you going, kwim?). it is a start - no one can just change everything in one single day. the start is the hardest, and then everything goes from there. that is my experience anyway - I know I sound like a preacher with this stuff sometimes but I managed bec someone picked me up and helped me, so I am trying to do the same now. it is not worth being sad over this kind of stuff.
  6. Awww hang in there....take it one step at a time.

    I find it always helps me to write down a list of goals I have for myself. For example:

    Drink 8 glasses of water/day
    Replace one "bad" snack with a healthy one (chocolate bar replaced with carrot sticks)
    Exercise 2 times/week

    Know what I mean? And then tackle ONE of these goals each week....and then as you achieve them start adding more goals (like exercising 3 times/week instead of 2, etc.)

    If you have HUGE expectations for yourself that are impossible to meet then you're just going to end up disappointed and feeling badly about yourself. Instead, start small and then get bigger you know?

    Also...I HATE the word "diet".....because "diets" don't actually work for the long term. What you need to work towards is a "lifestyle change". Teach yourself new habits that you'll continue everyday for the rest of your life!! It takes 21 days for something to become habit...so just think....if you start making positive changes today....in just 3 weeks it will become part of your daily habit!! Isn't that great!!

    Please don't be too hard on yourself....and come back here for support and encouragement as much as you need!!
  7. Hey don't be hard on yourself. I feel the exact same way as you and sometimes I cry myself to sleep because of the way I look and feel. When I was younger it I had very bad depression and bad tendacy. I've started exercising now and although I haven't lost any weight since I'm still eating unhealthy though but hopefully I'll get to the size that I would like to be at. Just take it one day at a time and like Kimm said just try to make small changes so you can start feeling like "hey I accomplished something today" and if you fall back into old habits then just forget about it and try to make the next day better :smile:
  8. please don't be so hard on yourself!! :heart: we have ALL been there at one time or another, and ITA with the above that it is a vicious cycle - the depression and perceiving yourself as failing just reinforce each other and leave you blue. What is working for me is what other posters have said - add one small change for a couple of days - increasing water, counting steps, etc. - and let yourself enjoy each little success. They will build on one another! But setting impossible goals for ourselves is brutal so try not to demand more of yourself than you would of someone else . . . thinking of you, take care and take baby steps with all this.
  9. Thank you all so much for your kind words and incouragement.
    I don't speak to any of my toxic family so it's nice to be able to come somewhere and get support and no judgement.

    Rudegal and Belini that is a fantasic idea we could be a support group for eachother and check in to make sure we keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

    I will PM both of you.
  10. encouragement sorry for the miss spelling
  11. Silversea, I think you have to not be so hard on yourself. The fact that you want to change is already a big step. I think you might try to start taking walks. It is healthy, effective, totally free and addictive. I think exercise would also help with your mental state because it really does release chemicals into your brain that will help you feel better about yourself in general. Good luck to you and keep trying. There is nothing that separates you and the skinny girls but a little effort and time.
  12. How are you going SilverSea? Feeling a bit better??
  13. Hope you're feeling better by now. I was (and still am at times) exactly like that. Nothing could motivate me to lose weight. Sadly, I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts a while ago, which my doctor kind of blamed on my being fat. Background: always had period troubles, always been blamed on my weight. So now she gave me an ultimatum and said if I didn't lose the extra weight, she would have no choice but to surgically remove them. This is what made me really want to try (I'm awful scared of surgeries, too many Discovery Channel shows/Dr. 90210).
    I know it's not easy to do, but don't wait until something bad regarding your health comes around to make the change. Unfortunately, that's the only way some of us will understand.
    Best of luck, and feel free to PM if you ever wanna talk. A hug!
  14. Thanks guys for checking in on me.
    I am still feeling pretty bad.:crybaby:
    I have not improved at all but tommorow is another day I am going to try and pull my self out of this somehow.
  15. I have had another bad day - finished two chocolate bars in 2 hours. My doc said my blood sugar is a bit high and i have PCOS and endometriosis - i really need to get my butt into gear!!!!!