I just can't seem to leave Coach unscathed...

  1. I had a little birthday money so I put it to good use.

    I've been looking for a new wristlet for awhile, and the bleeker capacity one is just awesome; it fits a great deal in it, and I really love it. I still can't decide if I should exchange the wine color for the british tan.

    The bag is my Tylie Malibu spy utility. I just love their apache flower style.

    I also loved this keychain. The new logo is really cute!
    wristlet1 (Large).JPG charm1 (Large).JPG tylie_wristlet2 (Large).JPG tylie_wristlet (Large).JPG
  2. Very nice! I love that keychain! I haven't seen that one yet.
  3. Good use indeed, great bags and love that cute keychain! Congrats!
  4. Sweet! i have that keychain in green.
  5. Ooooh, cute keychain!
  6. Very nice! I am considering that same wristlet.:smile:

    I really like that Tylie bag ~ the flower strap is too cute!!
  7. Congrats on your new stuff! I own the Bleeker Capacity Wristlet in Wine and Love it.
    I would not swap it out for another color. I have the Bleeker Duffle in rust and it makes a very nice contrast in color with my bag.
  8. i love that keyfob too! great haul, congrats!
  9. Love your bag! The flowers on the strap are too cute. I really need to broaden my horizons and look past Coach one of these days!! LOL....the wristlet is awesome. What color do you have posted in the picture? wine or British tan? I really like it!;)
  10. I really like that bag it is really unique. Oh and the wristlet is super cute. :smile:
  11. It's the wine color, and it really is gorgeous. I was going to choose the british tan but I have a whiskey legacy wristlet, so that might be too common. Plus, Coach doesn't make that many items in the wine color, so I've decided to keep it. It goes great with both brown and black bags.

    I think I'm going to need to stay away from Coach until the next PCE...it's too easy to get into trouble!
  12. I agree, Liz-I'm keeping the wine. I saw the rust color IRL, and it is really stunning. Just gorgeous!
  13. The pics don't do this bag justice...it has gorgeous bronze and light green swarovski crystals embedded in some of the flowers. Outside of Coach, it's my favorite brand!