I just can't love Sabrina... or Audrey :(

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  1. When I was at Macy's the other day, I tried to love the Sabrina that was on clearance.. then I tried to love the Audrey that was on clearance as well.... but I just couldn't do it. And it was a metallic amethyst one too... the color was gorgeous! Everyone else seems to love them, but I just couldn't get into them. :sad: I think it's because I don't like to carry purses on my arm and only carry them on my shoulder.... and then I didn't like how the Sabrina or Audrey looks with the shoulder stap. Does anyone else find themselves feeling the same way or am I an oddity? I mean, I like the way they look, esp the newer ruched Audrey with chainlink arm straps... but I just could never justify buying them since they aren't practical for me.
  2. I hear you.
    They're pretty.
    I love looking at others'.
    But, I just don't "do" bags with the mutli straps.
    I'm a shoulder bag / tote gal through and through.
  3. I dislike Sabrina immensely...and Audrey even more so. I just don't like the convertible strap look (the way it pulls up the sides of the bag) and a shoulder strap is a MUST HAVE! Re: the Audrey, I don't like the flat handles (which is one of the reasons I returned the Claire).
  4. I am the same way. I like to carry my purses on my shoulder. I have the periwinkle audrey that I bought at the outlet a few weeks ago that I was sure I was going to keep but I just don't like the way it looks as a shoulder handbag, so back it will go.
  5. I also thought I loved the Sabrina. I liked the colors and the look of the bag, but when I tried it on I found that it doesn't hang the right way on me, the shoulder strap kept falling down and I really wanted to be able to carry it on my shoulder.

    I still like the look of the bag, just not for me.
  6. I am more a handle bag girl. Although I do have shoulder bags too, I tend to carry my handle bags more. I did not like the roll handle of Sabrina, but I love the flat handle of Audrey. I am happy I got one Audrey. I don't think I will use the shoulder strap much, since mine is a not a large Audrey.

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. ;) You are definitely not the odd.
  7. I understand! That's the beauty of Coach-so many choices. I like the flat handles on the Audrey & Claire. I find that they are more comfortable to carry. That's just me though.

    Sorry you don't like her, but hey no one's gonna out you, lol. BTW I love your red hot Ella! That's my HG bag!!!
  8. hey - to each her own. Not all styles are for everyone. It's okay - if we all loved one style we'd all be fighting so much over one style. :smile:
  9. I think I am addicted to Coach totes... after taking pics of my collection, I truly realized how many totes I have. They're perfect!
  10. I love the red Ella too! I got her with PCE, but she's on clearance now at some Macy's so grab her while she lasts!
  11. They are beautiful bags but not for me. I like a long shoulder strap - especially one that is adjustable and can be worn either crossbody or as a shoulder bag. And I prefer bags that are not really, really big. Although the smaller Audrey is a nice size. I don't care for bags that have to be carried on the arm except smaller "evening bags" when a handbag or clutch is okay.
  12. I wish I could do crossbody but I just can't... I either get tangled up in the strap or I knock things over left and right with the bag on my hip. I'm just too clumsy I guess lol... that's why I need shoulder bags that I can keep my hands free and keep my purse under my arm so I don't knock things over. I agree on the smaller evening bags... I prefer small clutches or handbags for going out.
  13. I love the Sabrina's (I take the shoulder strap off..looks ugly), but I don't use them as an everyday bag because of the top handle, use them when I'm going out to a nice dinner or church.
  14. I don't like sabrina at first. That is why it toke me a long time to get my first sabrina. Once I bought one and use it I start to like. It's one of my favorite coach bags now.
  15. I've been looking for the metallic amethyst audrey....could u tell me which macys u saw this at?!!....thanks!:biggrin: