I just can't help myself! Instant reveal and future goodies coming up...

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  1. The untimely demise of my precious Ms. Sophia has me all torn up, but I'm soothing my sorrow with retail therapy.

    I currently have several different COLORS of Sophia (I know, what has become of Ms. Neutral Bags Only?) on their sweet little journeys to me, but this lovely lady came straight from FP today.

    And while I was there, I got her some bling, and I mean BLING! Look at that sparkle!

    And I was so thrilled I changed into her right there at the FP counter. SAs were very impressed by how quick my DnC made my purse change.

    I will post my other lovelies in this thread as they arrive. I'm making a Sophia rainbow!
    image-1343752943.jpg image-3382933004.jpg image-75733131.jpg
  2. She is beautiful! Congrats! Can't wait to see more of what you got!
  3. hot, hot hot!
  4. Simply beautiful, congratulations.
  5. Love that key chain and the color of the purse is TDF!
  6. that bag is just WOW!!!!!!! Twins on her!!
  7. Aubergine is such a gorg color! Have to hide her in my desk at work--it's the color of our main football rival! Eeeks!
  8. Congrats on your aubergine Sophia - she's a beauty!
  9. Gorgeous bag, and the fob looks great on her. Congrats.
  10. Absolutely gorgeous, I haven't yet added a Sophia to my collection but I def plan to as soon as she hits the outlets :smile: I love the key fob , I see that I'm future for sure also.
  11. She's a beauty! You must be ready to catch heck for purple after your rival team dilemma, huh?
  12. Color sisters. I hve Lindsey n this color. Congrats.
  13. Heh heh, if anyone tries to give me heck, I'll just point her glorious sparkle at them and knock them unconscious.

    Thanks everyone! I had seen her in the store and thought, wow, what a great color, but she's a million times prettier in daylight. She's just stunning. If you like cool colors (as opposed to warm) GET HER. FP, PCE, stalk your outlets, whatever it takes! She's totally worth it. I wore a little pink cocoon sweater today, and she looks SO great against it.
  14. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  15. cha ching, another Skittle Sister is born. Congrats on your pretty.