i just cant get you outta my head ...

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  1. yes, just like the Kylie song.

    Hi, im mjlover and ive never been to this part of the forum ... but ... something has stuck in my head. I bought a bag from NAP last year and when it arrived there were some cute postcards. I fell in love with one of them and pinned it to my cork board at work (am staring at it now) ... anyways, recently i found out it was this :drool::


    its amazing. The red is ... beyond anything ive ever seen. so, my question as a complete BV-newbie is, does this red colour have any other styles apart from the one on NAP? Even a small wallet or something?

    thanks gals! :heart:
  2. I think there is a wallet, actually, or it might be a cosmetics pouch. You should try the personal shopper on the BV site, Ana. And ... that particular bag is actually on sale at the moment (or was recently) on Bluefly.

    And ... welcome to the BV sub forum!
  3. Yes.. there is definitely a bronze & metallic red shoulder bag on Bluefly right now.. :yes:
  4. Welcome to the BV forum, our little slice of paradise! I have that style bag in nappa leather with laser cut butterflies. It is a great style, I'm actually using it today. It hangs well on the shoulder and it is easy to access the inside. If you get that red patent drawstring bag, mjlover1977, please post plenty of pictures!
  5. Hi there mjlover!

    I see a small tote, clutch, cosmetic case, zip around wallet, belt, and animal shape charm and key ring in metallic cassis in the BV Resort '07 catalogue.:yes:

    Have fun hunting and welcome to the BV subforum!!
  6. oooh - thanks gals! i will take a peek on bluefly ... there is a personal shopper on the bv site? wow!!
  7. ive just emailed ana - thanks gals!! do you know if anyone on this forum has any of that metallic red? id love to see some piccys that arent catalogue shots
  8. I was too late! The link said that the item has already been sold out. Any pics ladies?
  9. welcome mjlover, I recognise you from another thread :smile: I am sure you'll enjoy your stay. Many lovely people here :yes: