I just cant do it anymore

  1. I pigged out today, i just cant diet or eat "healthy" anymore.

    Im done.
  2. ^^^ Why can't you eat healthy? What type of food can you not "live" without? Tell us a little about your diet.
  3. I think we all feel that way somedays but remember you can have anything in moderation, hon!
  4. OK...back the frick up jack!! You're on overload here!!! You really need to realize that it's OK!!! No one is going to die becuase you pigged out! You are probably putting too much pressure on yourself and trying too hard.
    I used to be a competative bodybuilder and as you can imagine the diet is quite rigorous but even then we always had a cheat day (Except for the last 4 weeks or so). On Sunday I could eat anything I wanted and believe me on about Tuesday afternoon....the list started!:yahoo: If I felt a craving for something, I would write it down and it helped to know that when Sunday came I would get to have that!! Yummy. Those thoughts got me through the week.
    If you possibly thought you would go on a diet and never fall off the wagon, never cheat, never sneak some treat for yourself.............you're truly fooling yourself! It's normal!!
    But the key is to now revel in the thoughts of your "cheat day", know that it was OK and know that come Sunday, or Monday or which ever day you choose....you'll have another!!!! But the best part is, the longer you can stay with it the more results you'll see and before you know it instead of looking forward to the cheat days you'll be able to pass on the junk food because you'll be so proud of the results you've achieved! Trust me........you have to start somewhere and it certainly is not at the end. Start at the beginning, my friend, you'll get there soon enough!!!!

    Hang in there. Don't give up just yet!
  5. ^^^ITA. Don't give up on your goals. I have been working out for about five months now and haven't lost but three pounds. I vowed to myself that I would not give up on something that I want to achieve. Like Ilikemike said treat it as your cheat day and get back on track. I made the mistake of gradually cutting out the foods I loved but that failed and the only thing that ending up happening was me bingeing like crazy because I deprived myself of the foods that I had ate for so long. Just take it one step at a time and slowly cut away the unhealthy foods this way you're not bingeing too much. Just keep up the hard work and dedication and eating healthy will become second nature to you :smile:
  6. This is really the best advice you could get!!

    I agree 110%

    Don't give up!! Everyone has their bad days every now and then....just pick yourself back up and keep going!!

    One day will not kill you. So what if you messed up? Forget it, so what? Just remind yourself of your goals and the fact that you are human and we all mess up. We all make mistakes with our dieting, but that's no reason to give up. Do a little extra exercise, drink some extra water, and don't be so hard on yourself. Tomorrow is a brand new day. When I feel like I had a bad eating day, I just remind myself that I can start over the next day. Each day is a blank slate, and losing weight is not easy! It's going to be hard, you're going to have your ups and downs, but that's no reason to quit.
  8. Oh goodness! You are allowed an off day! This is why I don't believe in dieting to begin with. If you eat well MOST of the time then you are allowed to 'pig out' on occasion. It isn't going to hurt you one bit. However, you have to remember to just get right back on track afterwards.

    I eat healthy most of the time and I eat pretty much what I want. Everything in moderation and I've never had a weight problem. I give myself 10 pounds to 'play with' I never get outside of that.

    Calm down and just turn it back around! You can do it! The worst thing is to just give up and keep pigging out!
  9. Don't give up, you can get back to healthier eating. I try not to think of terms of diet anyway, its too discouraging. Just focus on smaller portions and getting some exercise. Good luck!
  10. Just one pig out doesn't mean that you can't do it anymore!

    Forget about what happened today and keep going on what you've probably been doing SO WELL at further :smile:
  11. This is my third pig out day in a week. Everyone's on my back at how fat i have become, it realy hurts when i get told ive put on weight. i know i have!! why cant people mind there own business!!????
  12. THAT"S IT!!! That's why you're eating....the more they push the more you resist!!! Don't let them destroy you! You take control of it. You be who you want to be, not what they want you to be. Bad habits aren't going to go away over night!! Take your time.........be healthy about it and stop listening to the negativity!!! It's always one day at a time....that's what my coaches used to tell me when I screwed up...they'd say, "Do you know what's so great about today? There's a new day right behind it and another day to PROVE YOURSELF!" Take it at your own pace , tune them OUT and keep trying!!!!!!
  13. ^^You've pigged out 3 days---STILL not the end of the world. At ANY point you can decide to turn it around. Don't make it a 4th or 5th day.

    Another thing--Forget about what others think or what others say. There are always going to be those who think or say negatives things and are just rude. They will never mind their own business. They won't change but you can change by just ignoring them.
    Your opinion of yourself is the only opinion that matters. There are larger people who carry themselves with so much elegance and confidence that no one would dare tell them anything about their size. They are happy. Lose weight for yourself---NOT FOR OTHERS---you can either be happy overweight or you can do something about it. You don't sound as if you are happy--so do something about it. It has nothing to do with others because if you were happy where you are--those people could never make you feel badly. Good Luck to you!
  14. I definitely know how much it hurts... and then eating.. and then pain and anger that you ate so badly. It's a viscious cycle. Only you can stop it. Only you can rise above it.
    Try not to worry about what others say. I KNOW it's hard -- believe me. I gained a lot of weight when I was dating this guy and my own dad was talking about me behind my back to others, "oh you won't recognize her anymore.. she's soooo fat".
    Of course I found out and I was crushed. The fact that I still write about it shows that I'm STILL crushed. It was about 7 years ago.
    I have so many emotional scars. I have so many triggers. The trick is managing. I can dole out advice and I even know what to do but it's really very hard to "fall out of " your old patterns and make new ones. I've done it successfully here and there but eventually fall back into my old patters. Now I sit here, writing advice to you, and I have 75 pounds to lose.
    I know I can do it. I just have to stop the emotional eating. It's so hard. I've quit smoking and had an easeir time than this.
    Seriously. I don't know you but I know you can do it. Block everyone out and do it for YOU.
    Show them you CAN do it. And you know what? Once you do, they will not stop talking about how PROUD they are of you. It's funny isn't it?

    Good luck!!!
  15. I have been like this for years and years. I go up and down, up and down. Ive seen nutrionists, dieticians, personal trainers - u name it, ive dont it. I seriously have just had ENOUGH of everything. So what if i have gone from a size 4 to a 6, there are so many other things that are important in the world than that.
    You see ladies, i live is a community that judge others and take gratification in putting others down. I am taught how to think, how to behave, what to do in life - my life is not my own and i have had a enough of it. If i want to eat pasta or lollies or chocolate today i will.

    *sigh* - ok ok, i really should calm down now. Im sorry guys, i really am. I just feel like such a victim and so worthless. I hate being where i am. It doesnt help when i have such negative people around me.

    Ill start fresh tomorrow but i say that every day.