I Just can't do Hermes...

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  1. After the Oprah incident, I just cannot give my business to Hermes...it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Such a shame too because I do adore the bags!:sad2:
  2. S'ok! It just means more bags for Oprah, because she's still shopping there!

    I never could understand why she expected them to open the doors for her after the store had closed.
  3. Agreed, there are two sides to every story, I actually found it refreshing that a store did not do the typical reaction of stop-drop-and-roll because a celeb was at their doors. Tells me that Hermes treats all their clients special, and if there is a special event at Hermes there is no party crashing regardless of who you are.
  4. I boycotted Oprah after that (not that I cared much for her in the first place--don't know what the big deal about her is).
  5. And didn't I read somewhere that Oprah herself decided that the whole thing was not that big of a deal, she resumed shopping with Hermes? I don't watch Oprah, so haven't followed this, really. I think it was unreasonable to expect them to open up, or stay open, or whatever it was, specially for her.
  6. I was a bit turned off by Oprah after that incident as well. Why make it a race issue when the store was closed and Oprah was not well known in France.
  7. Agreed, I didn't see the big deal either. They just treated her like a regular person and she got mad. True that it would have probably been worth their while to let her in, they didnt do anything wrong by not.
  8. I don't know if Oprah has resumed buying Hermes bags for herself and her friends, but she has encouraged her fans to go back to the boutiques. :smile:

    Story here: CBS News, Sept. 21, 2005
  9. Oprah is full of hot air! They wouldn't let her in when there was a private event going on and she jumped to race. What I can't get over is that Hermes apologized to HER. Would she want other people coming in if they had closed the store for her?

    Sorry! I needed to vent!
  10. Mr Chavez was sure kissing her ass though...
  11. i never really understood exactly why oprah got so upset, or why it was about race. there was a private party, she got there after the store had closed, too bad for her. i thought it was refreshing that hermes didn't bow down to celebrity, because we all know that they never would have let in you or i.
  12. Obviously, the key thing here with Oprah is the fact Hermes didn't treat her any different than you or me. Oprah likes to play the big role that she is like you and me, BUT in all reality she wants to be treated far above all of us. She was angry she wasn't treated like a diva and rose to the "race card". Pathetic! (didn't the whole Hermes escapade bring her a great deal of attention! Just what good old Oprah loves and needs to keep ratings up) Let's use race as the issue because everyone knows that people are scared of the whole race thing. Let's face it...Hermes doesn't want to be seen as racist and especially to the big O.
  13. I understood it as though Hermes didn't let her Rep in, but when they found out it was Oprah waiting in the car they tried to change thier minds and allow her in and it peeved her{?}
  14. How well known is Oprah in France? It's hard for me to imagine that her show translates well, or that it's even broadcast there. Certainly she'd have been recognized in Chicago or Bal Harbour, but as birkinbaby noted she really isn't known there and unless Hermes makes up a facebook of their best customers for their SA's knowledge, who can blame the SA's for not recognizing her and her entourage?
  15. Coco-nut...you know what??? Does it really matter if it was her rep or if it was the big "O" herself. If the story really was they were just closed and either one tried to get it the store...does it really matter? I think why so many people are disappointed in Oprah was the fact that she thought she could rise above the rules. If a store is closed it is closed. It just shows that she thinks she should have what she wants when she wants.
    If she really needed to get in the store a phone call should have been made prior and I am sure Hermes could have made arrangements for her to meet her needs.
    I suppose you do get use to everything being your way (when you are Oprah) and I am sure it can really be a slap in your face when it doesn't go your way.
    Sad that Hermes had to bow down to that.