I just can't do arm bags!

  1. How do you ladies manage bags that are not shoulder bags??? Doesn't your arm get tired? I so love the look but I can't do it.

    Any advice? :confused1:
  2. I've been a shoulder bag person all my life. I recently bought a Speedy 30 which is handheld. I've only used it 5 times so far since I bought it in April. I've been trying to carry this handheld bag but I don't find it convenient when shopping or running errands. I switch back to my shoulder bag immediately. But I love my Speedy and it's just sitting at home, hardly used, developing a patina. I kinda thought it's a waste of money. I'm hoping I get use to handheld eventually.
  3. I agree judi I don't like arm bags either.
  4. Actually I don't like wearing a shoulder bag. It gets all bunched up under my arm, occasionally falls off my shoulder when bending down to pick up grocery bags etc, can't take too much stuff. I wear most of my bags in the crook of my arm rather than in my hand though. I am always drawn to buy shoulder bags but get annoyed the first time I use them! The only time they are really practical is when I'm carrying a very small amount of stuff and won't be bending down or carrying groceries - ie going out to bars!
  5. No arm bags for this gal either. I just don't want to hold one in my hand or hang one on my arm. It's kinda like I don't know what to do with my hand if one is hanging on my arm. I even took my clutch grocery shopping with me ONE DAY and that was enough for me! I had to hold it under my arm which made it difficult to look at things. There sure are some great handheld bags out there but only shoulder bags will do.
  6. I was always a shoulder bag girl but I now do love crook of the arm. It does take getting used to and you have to be careful to not overfill as they get too heavy.

    It does depend on the occasion...if I'm going shopping I prefer a shoulder bag, for example so you have both hands free.
  7. I can't do the just arm bag either - so my solution was to find a really great satchel with an accompanied removable shoulder strap. Not as limited that way - keep the strap in your bag & ready for anything!
  8. I find hand-held bags to look more professional. That's why I bought my Furla. It's a large size because I want to carry my laptop but it does make my arm tired. I usually switch arms or carry it on my inner arm (opposite side of my elbow, whatever that part is called lol).

    I use a shoulder bag when I don't feel like carrying a hand-held or if it goes better with my outfit (which it often does).
  9. ME EITHER!!!! I hear ya!!! I've tried many times...I love the styles but I gotta shop totally hands-free!!!

  10. I even tried to use my HH Suki on the crook of my arm. It wasn't filled and yet I could not do it :sad:

    Like I said, I think it looks elegant so I feel like I must figure out the secret! :rolleyes:

    I also can't understand how ladies carry their Speedy's by their handles. How, how, how? :confused1:
  11. I can't stand arm bags either but I have a couple!!!!!! LOL I am just too in love with some of my arm bags to give them up!!! When I go shopping I try to use a shoulder bag but that's not always what happens! It's so darn hard to shop with an arm bag but I deal with it.
  12. I seem to be unable to carry an arm bag as well, maybe there's something I don't know about them D:
  13. I agree with you..I like should bags...it is hard for me to carry at my hand..moreover I love the bags you can carry as messenger bag and shoulder =that's my favourite..I bought few handheld bags but they are sitting in my closet sadly
  14. I don't like shoulder bags....they hurt my shoulder and it aches for days after or they always fall off when I'm moving around. It took some time to get used to wearing my speedy and B bag on the crook of my arm....now I love it. I'd never go back to a shoulder bag.
  15. I can't do them either, and they sort of remind me of my grandmother. And the Queen of England.