I just can't decide ...

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  1. I think I've convinced myself to get a mon mono Neverfull !
    I just can't decide what colors to do.
    I love pink, red amd orange ! Those are my favorite colors.
    I wear khakis, denim and tee shirts in various solid colors.
    My style is basically preppy,classic.
    I need help with color selection.
    I've gone to the website and played around ( I don't think it shows accurate colors bc the bags on here seem much brighter ) and checked out the clubhouse here but I'm still at a loss.
    Any insight amd suggestions are greatly appreciated !
    TIA !
  2. what about a neverfull kusama? take a look!
  3. I would suggest you pick one of your favorite colors like for instance Pink( fuschia) or red and mix it with a neutral like white or cream. I would not suggest using two bright bold colors, too busy, but but fuschia and white, red and cream.
    That's what I did when I made my Speedy! I love Pink so I did Fuschia and white both look great together it's not gaudy.:smile: good Luck!
    You will have a one of a kind bag that no one else will have, made just for you, my favorite part of this line!!
  4. Have you posted any pics or can you?
    Does the white look too white or does the Ivory look like a dirty white ? Thanks !
  5. Thanks for the advice but it's too busy for me !
  6. Here's my Speedy when I got it! I put the white as small lines instead of big! Focused more on the fuschia!