I just can't decide!

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  1. I have had my eye on a speedy azur 35 for quite sometime, but now that I am about to get one, I keep feeling like I may need to get a azur neverfull instead because I always put my purse on my shoulder. Can I close up a neverfull pretty well? Can I squeeze a speedy onto my shoulder (lol) because I sure I would try when I was trying to do something while holding my purse. I have kids and was leaning towards the speedy for 2 reasons, 1) because of the look, which I love so much since I first saw it and 2) I like that it zips up. So should I just bite the bullet and get the speedy and if I feel I'm going to be in a position that I'll need a shoulder bag, carry a different bag? And then some general questions. My other bags are miu mius and cole haans, so I am used to my purses being all leather. This maybe a silly question, but is the canvas better or worse than leather? I would assume it holds up well because I always hear how these will last forever. I'd love to hear anything anyone has to say! Thanks to everyone! Anything else you'd like to know that I may have left out just ask!
  2. Like the azur speedy better then the neverfull... Get a azur speedy now and either a damier or a mono neverfull later
  3. I'd get the speedy because I don't care for the NF, but I don't think it will fit on your shoulder unless you are very tiny!
  4. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I can't resist the speedy. I am pretty tiny though. 5 ft tall and size 0- which is okay b/c I'm only 5 ft tall! I'm so excited!
  5. I would pick the speedy over a NF too. If you want a shoulder bag what about the totally? I still like the speedy better, but the totally shounds like it may suit your needs better.
  6. can you point me towards a picture of this? :biggrin:
  7. Get the totally!! It fits on your shoulder and it zips!
  8. I'd get the Speedy first. As much as I love my NF, I love my Speedy more. I have the Mono, in the 35 size. It's great!
  9. I myself would get a shoulder purse. Have you thought about the Totally.
  10. I have two kids two so I understand that you want to have your hands free. Have you considered an Odeon GM it has handles and a strap and a zipper. I don't own it--it is on my wishlist! It can be worn crossbody, on the arm or by the hand. You can check out photos on the Club Odeon page of TPF.

    Have fun deciding!:balloon::balloon::balloon: