i just can't buy a used louis vuitton

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  1. i have checked out ebay before and have seen bags being sold even in those consignment stores but i just can't do it...ugh :yucky: ...i rather pay the full price then walk around with a used bag i don't care how good it looks...it wasn't me that walked into the store and purchased it...thats part of the excitement :yahoo: anyway...am i the only person to feel this way?
  2. No, there are other members who feel the same way...I don't mind used, though. In fact, most of my purchases have been this way. I always, always clean my bags though.

    Umm...we've had posts like these in the past, and people got easily offended...just thought I'd let you know.
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  3. I'd rather have a beautiful bag with pretty patina and an extra $200.00 to $300.00 in my pocket to take my girls to the beach for the weekend.
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  4. im new to tpf so i wasn't aware there was a post like this...and i don't want to offend anyone at all
  5. I'm too!!!
    I'd bought only one used bag. But not later than 3 weeks, I sold it!
    I prefer brand new and am willing to pay higher for it!
  6. That's okay. But you might want to look at some of the older threads...some people got pretty hurt and offended by what others had to say about used versus new...I try to stay out of these...

    But no, you're not alone in your sentiment.
  7. I think it depends on the bag, if it's a classic damier piece or epi, if they're taken really good care of they might look brand new still-however I'd prefer to buy a brand new mono piece because I like the look of the new vachetta leather. Just MO :smile:
  8. yeah, if you know your stuff and have a good eye. you can save some serious money buying used. it's like owning the bag for free. i bought a brand new pochette orsay on ebay for a bin of 220.00, the retail is 650.00. i sold it after using it for a year for 365.00. it was like being paid to carry it. if i bought it for 650 originally a year ago myself. that's a 300.00 loss. so, i don't mind buying used if the timing is right.

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  9. Certain limited edition LVs are not being made anymore. I want a cherry blossom bag, so I must buy used. I have no problem with it though, as long as it is in good condition. I think I will be just as excited to get it in the mail as I was buying my new one at the LV boutique.
  10. I don't buy used LV not because its used, but i'm so concern about the authencity :P
  11. There is an LV out there for everybody. Those who buy used and those who don't. To each his own. Depends on the person, depends on the bag. Do what works for you.
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  12. I honestly don't think that anyone took offense. People have preferences about purchasing new vs used. Personally, if I know that I am going to have a handbag for a long time or to add to my collection I will purchase new. There are so many styles out there and if I know that I am going to just use it for a short time then I look for a good used deal.

    As far as the op stating that she would never buy a used bag, I have seen some used bags that if you placed next to a new one you would not be able to tell the difference.
  13. There are some people here who feel the same way! I go for new or slightly used (meaning used a couple of times).
  14. Oh, no, I didn't mean it that way. It's just that sometimes when these posts come up some other posters will say things that get misconstrued...and then the topic gets OT. :shrugs:

    But whatever, used or new, whatever works for you! :smile:
  15. My new Speedy 30 is pre-loved (but literally looks brand new). It's absolutely gorgeous. I used it today and when I stopped in the Boutique today, my SA noticed it immediately and told me I must have been busy on E-Luxury!
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