I just cancelled my special order

  1. I went into the boutique in late March and inquired about ordering a Cabas Alto in Damier. I was told by the leather goods manager that it was possible to get the bag. At first I was told that the bag would be $1200 dollars. I was totally fine with that and about two weeks later, I was told that the price was wrong and it's now $2700. Quite a big difference from $1200! I told them to proceed with the order and I am now being told that it cannot be made in Damier!!!! I was upset because not only was I told the wrong price, but I am willing to pay three times the original price to get a bag that I really wanted and they won't do it in the fabrication that I want. The leather goods manager did say that France will still do the bag in monogram canvas. I don't think that I will be doing any more special orders.
  2. Beyonce has that bag... or is it the smaller version? Whatever, she has it in Damier! Try another boutique. Don't give up! I have been told false information more than once
  3. sorry to hear about your frustration!
  4. yep, I've seen a pic of Beyonce with her Damier cabas- and I think that the price is wrong, too, esp. since I've been told that SO only costs 30% more. Hmmmmm........ didn't they discontinue the Alto?
  5. I think there's some wrong info there too, I mean $2700 and no Damier? Just doesn't sound right!
  6. I think they can do special orders for EXISTING styles. If the Alto is no longer available in mono then they wont do a SO. It is only for existing styles in different materials or leathers. Does this make sense?
  7. 2,700! Wow... that's LeFab range. Crazyness! Sorry to hear about your dillema
  8. geeze!! that's horrible and I would be pretty mad too if I were you!

    first being quoted the wrong price (and if it was Nordstrom's you would've been charged the price you were quoted) and then having it cancelled. ugh, i hope they apologized!
  9. Sorry to hear about your frustration. Why don't you call the 1-800 LV # and ask them about the special order. I'm sure you'll get more accurate info thru them.
  10. Sorry to hear they can't make it. I like the Alto but it was discontinued before I even had the change to get into designer bags.
  11. too bad
  12. I'm So Sorry This Happened.
  13. Bad!!
  14. ***hugs*** i'm sorry to hear whats happened!
  15. thats very frustrating, i hope you get something equally as nice to take you mind off your bad expereince!