I just came from Chloe to the BBag side!!

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  1. [​IMG]This 06 spring/summer First will soon be MINE:yahoo: I just made my final payment to RDC yesterday, and am hopeing to have my FIRST bbag next week!!!! I can't wait!!
  2. Congratulations, it looks beautiful! This is your first but not your last! ;)
  3. CONGRATS!!! Looks GORGEOUS!!!
  4. Lovely first bag!
    You will appreciate the light weight compared to Chloe.
    Welcome to the Bal.madness!
  5. WELCOME! She's beautiful and won't be your last...muwahh...muwahhh.!!
  6. Oh wow that color is AMAZING! I JUST crossed over into the bbag side too, and now I totally get why it's an ADDICTION! Congrats congrats on your pretty bag!
  7. Gorgeous color!!! Congrats and welcome to the Bal addiction! :graucho:
  8. :woohoo: Congrats~ Welcome to the Balenciaga!!!
  9. Enjoy!! and welcome to the Bbag side ;)
  10. Congrats on your first bbag purchase!! you made a great choice!
  11. I'm excited to post action shots!! I am also crossing me fingers hopeing that the leather is ok....its not untill after I got the bag that I saw how 06 was not such a great year for leather:sweatdrop:
  12. don't worry about that, i got a truffe 06 first (still haven't posted,oops!) and i felt so bad too after reading about 06 leather etc.. but MY bbag is tdf!
    and yours will be too, ok?Congrats:drinkup:
  13. Welcome and congrats!! Prepare to become addicted very quickly!!
  14. so beautiful, i love grey b bags, yours looks really yummy, i am so jealous!!!!
    congrats on your great first b bag.
  15. Welcome to the Bal club! We are all addicts and you are in for a lot of fun! Your new bag is a great find and that is only the start of your addiction! Lol!