I just called LV regarding the price increase...

  1. Ugh I just talked with my SA and she said that the Azur line most likely be included in the price increase.

    I am so mad!!

    She said that roughly everything will go up by about $50 or so...
  2. i called 1866 vuitton yesterday to inquire about the azur prices in speedy and pochette and asked about a price increase in Canada, and she said they were not yet notified and are supposed to be notified 7 days prior....so I dunno..maybe in Canada we're not having a price increase.
  3. Lucky!
  4. I talked to my SA about it today and he said that they were upset about it too because everyone is mad at them about it!

  5. we'll see though!! I'm going to call a LV store come Nov 1 to ask about the prices of the azur pochette and speedy...then I'll know if ther was a price increase or not! I sure hope not..i have just the right amount for a pochette!
  6. This whole thing is so ridiculous! This is like the 3rd time that they raised prices this year!
  7. I thought I read a post somewhere(sorry, I can't find it) where someone said that they asked LV CS and they said that the Damier Azur would not be part of the price increase? I hope it's not. I e-mailed CS myself to ask what would be included in the increase, but I haven't heard back yet.
  8. oooh pupster I hope you are right!!
  9. $50.00 is ALOT, when it already costs ALOT.

  10. I really hope so, too. I hate that they are doing this 3rd increase, though. It's awful not knowing what bags are going to be affected.
  11. :cursing:

  12. agreed!
  13. $50??? That's got to be wrong...that would mean almost a 10% increase on a speedy.....maybe for some of the more expensive items (over 1K).
  14. I don't know, that's what one thread said today, $50.00 a bag, but yesterday they said 4%, which on a bedford would be about $40.00; my guess is it's the 4%...
  15. Some of the ppl here have already purchased the azure items from 1866 and it's not even Nov 1st. Why wait for the price increase and just order today?