I just called Holt Renfrew...

  1. and asked if they have any clear inclusion bracelets left and they do! :nuts: Its being put on hold for me until closing tommorrow. Should I? :graucho: I have a $25 Holt Renfrew gift card that I got for Christmas that I can use.
  2. It you really want it, get it :yes:
  3. Do you know if the clear bracelets are limited and if they are making more? Cuz they are already sold out at the Hotel Vancouver.
  4. You should! It's too pretty!
  5. get it! get it! get it! :devil:
    I love mine. It's very durable. I've been wearing mine since the day I got it (dec.), with a couple days exception, and I'm still getting tons of compliments on it. If you're worried about getting scratches/nicks on it.. just be careful with it. You'll get used to having it on your wrist.
    I have a couple of small scratches on mine, but it's barely noticeable because of the transparent background.
  6. off topic, but hello fellow vancouverite!!! yay! :heart:
  7. Lovely.
  8. Hi! :p Where do you shop? Holt Renfrew or Hotel Vancouver?
  9. LOL @ "get it! get it! get it! :devil:"! Thanks for that! :p

    What do you mean "You'll get used to having it on your wrist."? Does it mean its annoying to have on your wrist? :hrmm:
  10. nope it's definitely not annoying at all. What I mean is that if you're not used to wearing something on your wrist; or that you're scared you'll bang it on something, you'll probably change a couple habits like me. For example, I used to just "plop" my arms onto the desk when I would use the PC, but now I don't do that to avoid banging my bracelet up. Or hide it in my sweater before going out in our winter wonderland of a weather to protect it.

    They're just a little habits and didn't even realized until later. Not a big deal or anything arnott. It's like any other piece of jewelry, be careful with it, adore it & enjoy it! :p
  11. Get it if you want it :yes: