I just called Hawaii Chanel and they Still Have 25% off of Cambon

  1. I just called Chanel and spoke to Judy 808-942-5555 and they still have pink and beige bags left..and wallets..I just ordered the beige pochette...I was debating on the med tote but I did not want to spend THAT much and I wanted to have a cambon in my collection...
    25% off in case ANYONE missed Saks or nm sale:biggrin: and still wants one
  2. I just spoke with Judy too. She's sooo nice! Unfortunately they do not have any pick wallets left. :sad:
  3. when I called she said they had them...Thats weird...Maybe try again tomorrow..You never know one might show up...
  4. The 942-5555 is the Ala Moana location. try the waikiki location too. It has slightly different selections.
  5. I really did love the cambon line and I still use my cambon wallet alot -and love it- but I hardly ever use my cambon bowler now that I've gotten some of the more classic bags. I'm still confused as to why the pink/black combo didn't sell well. I think it's the prettiest!
  6. what does the medium size tote look like?? does anyone know the price? thanks :smile:
  7. seriously? i think i want to call them. hehee
  8. does anyone know how much the mini bowler is?

  9. let me see if I wrote it down...
  10. welovelouie, I checked my "notes" and they only have the medium bowler left. It's $1,010 from ($1375). I'm not sure the retail for the MINI though.
  11. If anyone is interested in a NEW pink/black auth medium bowler, I have one for sale on eBay if you want to PM me for the link :smile:
  12. ooh i want the pink wallet!
  13. I want a black/black mini multipocket reporter :love:
  14. i'm soo tempted to pick up the pink bowler..too bad its not on sale where i am!
  15. is the pink bowler bag really pink or is it a blush-like pink?
    do they make a light colored pink? 'cause I am contiplating the beige/black or the pink. I just purchased a "good" friend a dark pink classic bag but didnt see anythink lighter.
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