I just called Coach re: the 25% off card...

  1. Hi all! I just called Coach regarding the 25% off card.....I didn't get one in the mail either...I never have gotten one and I certainly have purchased enough!!.....Anyway, she really didn't give up what the criteria is to get one..But she asked me which store I frequent and I told her...She put me on hold, called that store...Then came back on the line and said it was fine..(What did they do...reference my name in their computer to make sure I've shopped there??) I have to call them and let them know when I'll be shopping....I haven't called the store yet but I'll keep everyone posted! Hope this helps! Maybe if all the pf'rs call Coach they'll send out more next time!!!! :heart: Emmy
  2. Ok I just called the actual bootique.....I learned a lot so I hope I remember it all...First of she said the criteria for the coupon changes everytime.....For this particular promtion. you had to spend at least $250.00 int he past 2-3 months (which I have)...BUT it doesn't include online or outlet purchases..Also, you have to be in their computer system via the actual STORE..online purchases don't track the purchasing information..in other words the sale has to be associated with the customer....I'm in their all the time and I when they ask me for my info I always say "Oh, I'm in there..." Well..maybe I'm NOT because I do order alot on line.....Also they have this thing called "Client track"....It's a service that if you are looking for a particular bag and it has sold out..The system will automatically notify the store where you shop that one has been returned...and then they will notify you..BUT this is a separate thing other than just being in their system....So you have to 'register' at the store for this too... The last promotion Coach had ONLY sent out coupons to customers in the "Client Track" computer system....I know it's confusing..Hope this helps...I'm going in there and making sure all my info is in every computer they have!!! I love my SA though!!! She's so sweet and helpful!!! I hope this info helps everybody! :heart: Emmy
  3. I guess I'll never get one cause I've never shopped in the store! LOL!
  4. In the past 2 or 3 months I can't recalled purchasing anything in the boutique to equal $250.00 or more. But I've spent over that at the outlet...too bad that doesn't count, I mean the money still goes to them! LOL
  5. EMMY-

    when you called and they varified that you spent $250 did they say that you can get the discount? i spent $383 two weeks ago and didnt get one yet...if they gave it to you i think i'll call them too
  6. EMMY- do you remember the name of the person you spoke with? i just called and the person i spoke to told me to wait and that there are "certain amounts of money you must spend" and kind of shot me down and wasnt helpful
  7. But I'm in the computer (I know I am because they looked me up when I had my sunglasses sent in), and I never got one during the last promotion. Oh well.
  8. Hm...the only purchase I made from coach (not an outlet) in the past 2-3 months was at coach.com and only like $100..so I guess I'm not getting one.
  9. I would call the SA at the store that you went to...Apparently even though you purchase at a store..Your info doesn't automatically go into their computer that tracks purchase data....I'm going in to make sure I am in that data base..I spent $600.00 there last month...I hope they give it to me!! :heart: Emmy
  10. I have never used the "Client Track" system, and I've gotten 25% off cards on a regular basis for over a year now. In fact, this is the very first I've ever heard of that system. Go figure.
  11. Clientrack just debuted this summer.
  12. spending over $250, you'll know you're in their system because you'll get a thank you note card.

    client track actually has been in coach for about...oh..as long as i've been shopping which is about 4 years now?

    the one couturegrl is talking about (love tiffany's btw, they always make me broke when i go inside) actually is an updated version..most likely what the SA at emmy's store used to verify her story, etc.

    client track isn't something that customers use. it's for the SA to be a great SA by helping you though sticky situations like, "i ordered this, but they sent me the wrong item and the item i ordered is sold out" the customer would be put in client track so as soon as the item is available, the customer would be contacted

    same goes if it is a customer looking for an item that coach has yet to make, or has yet to come out but can be seen via CBSR (coach by special request) or magazines (like WWD and instyle, who often gets the info on bags before it even comes out! marie claire is a little behind...)

    last but not least, not everyone that spends over 250 once is automatically set to get one of these cards. because this is all human process, it might have been an error, on the SA part ringing you up. or me for example..i'm in the system twice!

    if you really really are interested, anytime you shop at coach, esp with a cc, use the same one. when they swipe, your info is pulled up that way. always give information and be suspicous if the SA doesn't ask for your zip code and verify your address..just means that you aren't getting into the system.

    and always check your reciept, sometimes they just exit the thing all together so you'll never see your name on the reciept

    but if you see it, then your in the system.
  13. This latest coupon is regional, so it's not in all parts of the country. I always get the cards and didn't this time, but they aren't doing it here now. We just had one two months ago, anyway.
  14. Do you have to spend the money at the same Coach store? I bought the $800 Legacy a few weeks ago but it was not at my usual store. I did use the same credit card. Should I call my local store? I didn't get the coupon either and I usually do.
  15. ms-whitney: I must not be in the system-I just spent all that $$ last month & I didn't get a thank you card! So your saying that I can tell my SA about a bag I want...and when/if Coach makes it they'll notify me? I love the new leather totes..but I would really love it if it also came with two handles..a long one that gives you an option to carry on your shoulder if your arms are full....Should I tell me SA that?